Monday, April 15, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: The "M" Edition

It's all about ME!
The name means "Pearl."
A location:   Margaret, Alabama (population 1,169)
A Movie:  Margaret
A Saint:   The patron of expectant mothers
Queens of Scotland and Denmark
A Hungarian Princess
An Author:   Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone With the Wind
A baby:   Margaret Laura (Mila) former President Bush's first granddaughter.
Polypore Mushrooms photo 2013AtoZ-PolyporeMushrooms_zps43498bbc.jpg 
Polypore Mushrooms
Natchez Trace Nature Trail
 photo 2013AtoZFoggyMorningGSM_zps9fc355a2.jpg 
Foggy Morning in the Great Smoky Mountains
 photo 2013AtoZ-SkyBlue_zpsa37a86cf.jpg 
Land Mass
North Alabama 
("Land mass" is pushing it, but I really like the picture, and 
I can't promise this really isn't southern Tennessee.)
Meffords photo 2013AtoZ-Meffords_zpsb806cdc4.jpg  
Mefford's Jewelers
They've been around a lot long than me!

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  1. Just had to stop by, love the title The Brown Recluse, Hello Margaret! My blog is about Margaret too.

    Love the photo's!


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