Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: The "N" Edition

North Alabama...The Shoals and Nearby

Rock Pile - TVA Reservation - The Shoals

I love to walk the trails on TVA!  Now that I've lost some weight,
I am planning a Spring and Summer of much more movement!
Cane Creek Canyon - The Shoals

If you live in the Shoals...or nearby, Cane Creek Canyon is worth the drive!  You can hike as far as you like...or not so far, if you'd rather.  

We certainly have heat.   But any Southerner knows it’s not really the heat, it’s the humidity, which is so bad there are days you feel you are breathing hot water!  At times, we are thought to be less intelligent because of our slower speech and southern accent.   It’s true that some folks in Alabama do talk funny…but that’s because they once lived in the North.   For the most part, we don’t hold it against them, though we do think some of the things they do peculiar.   For instance, they don’t wave at every car they pass on old country roads.  We southerners know it’s not only polite, but expected, that you throw up a hand or at least an index finger as you pass a car or a folks sitting out on their porches when you are in the country.


UNA Flowers - The Shoals

In the Beautiful Shoals, where I am blessed to live, we have lakes and rivers, streams and creeks, where we gather for picnics, bass tournaments and family outings.  In these same waters, we ski, sail, ride the waves on jet skis and wave runners, and bait the waters for trout or catfish, which we fry and eat!   We have farms and old barns, and green leafy fields dotted with white cotton or yellow corn silk.   You will see tall, green trees, bright flowers and colorful birds.   Our beautiful skies are dotted with clouds that look like puffy, white bits of cotton stretching across a blue expanse making a comforting and pleasing contrast.    We have pink, purple and orange sunsets that are so brilliant, at times one feels the need to just stop and breathe in the wonder of God’s artistic masterpiece.  

Sea Gull
The Birds of Deibert Park - The Shoals
Green Heron

We have rain, and lots of it at times!   Our Augusts epitomize the dog days of summer, but afterwards, we are dazzled with a brilliant array of reds, golds, and bright yellows of fall!   

Snow sometimes comes, usually only for a day or two, but it blankets us in stark white, glistening beauty when it makes its rare appearance. 

UNA Snow - The Shoals

Frozen Falls - Rock Pile - The Shoals

Natchez Trace, Colbert Park, - The Shoals

Our celebrations include the Arts Alive Festival in the spring, the Spirit of Freedom fireworks that light up our skies in July; WC Handy and Helen Keller Festivals (both Handy and Keller were born in the Shoals), the Renaissance Faire and Oktoberfest in October.   We have Founder’s Day parades and picnics, car shows and inviting parks!   Florence is the home of the beautiful campus of the University of North Alabama and Lions football.   We are the Bible Belt, our avenues are lined with churches of every denomination, all of which are friendly and helpful.    We are the places, the celebrations, the people!  We are Alabama the Beautiful, and we are blessed beyond words.

 Beaver Dam, Nature Trail on Natchez Trace Parkway
Near Colbert Park
Nature Trail on Natchez Trace Parkway
Near Colbert Park


  1. I always wave to our neighbors, some respond, some don't. And. . . I love Southern writers--they are special.

  2. Margaret,
    Now those are lovely pictures. My favourite are the blooming plants and one the with the trees in different colours.

  3. An amazingly beautiful place, makes me want to go on a long vacation. Congrats on losing weight to enjoy nature better. Writer’s Mark

  4. I've never been to Alabama but know a few people who have moved there in recent years, and they love it. Beautiful pictures. (:

    A-Z participant blogging from Elise Fallson

  5. Beautiful pictures of the wet and wild South. As much as we complain at the humidity, it sure does make for lovely plant life and the occasional snow. The Beaver Dam with the sky reflected in the water is my fave. I would so frame that and hang it on the wall.

    Thank you for sharing your images!


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