Friday, April 19, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: The Q Edition

I mentioned the other day that I'd like to start an Advice Column type of entry every now and my Q entry is, of course....


Anonymous asks, “What makes you think you’re qualified to give advice?”

Anyone can give an opinion to a question...even children come up with some of the best advice sometimes!  This is just something I’ve wanted to do for a while, so now I’m putting the idea out there…outside of my head.

Sometimes people like an objective point of view…an impartial opinion.  Qualifications?  Well, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice.  I also completed a couple of counseling classes:  CreationTherapy and Basic Theophostic…not that the classes qualified me for anything; they did, however, introduce me to some prayer and counseling concepts, and I have also gone through counseling myself with some wonderful Christian counselors.   We’ll see how it goes.  Folks may not want my advice…but some may. 

Question:  What do you do it you see a friend making a terrible mistake, but you know from experience that if you point out her error, she will quit speaking to you?

Based on your previous experience, you answered the question yourself:  Don’t say anything and pray.  (Sound advice that should be used more in today’s world!)  If her mistake is not putting her or someone else’s life in jeopardy, I would suggest just being there for her in a non-judgmental way if she decides to come to you when the mistakes is realized.  Keep in mind that she may never see her action as a mistake.  

In my last post, I said:  What if...eating carbs made me feel guilty, and that's why I want to eat more and more, and it has nothing to do with my physical being, but just my way of dealing with the pseudo guilt. 

And was asked, “What if is it NOT pseudo-guilt?”

If you mean that it’s real guilt, perhaps you overate…a lot (as it was often in my case), you ask forgiveness, and almost as importantly, you forgive yourself, you pick yourself up, dust off, and go on.

If you are asking what if the cravings aren’t pseudo guilt-related, I suppose we are back to Square One…limiting those carbs! 

For me (I have no additional health factors such diabetes or gluten allergies), I have just about decided that I have been believing a lie that my freedom is limited.  I have more praying and thinking to do, but this is really making sense to me!  Getting rid of strongholds and a wrong belief system, a renewed mind and reaping the fruits of the spirit (which include self-control) sounds really good to me at this stage in my life. 

I have a lot more to write about this topic, and I will be posting about it in the coming weeks.  Some very interesting thoughts….

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  1. Haha. I know what to do with real guilt, Margaret. :) I wasn't asking the question for my benefit. It was my ineffective way of saying that you may not be feeling pseudo-guilt when you eat carbs, you may be feeling real conviction. Or not.

    1. haha! and I thought I covered all the bases! I hadn't thought of that one! I guess I don't think eating carbs is a sin. It's the overdoing it that is. Like I said...I have more praying and thinking to do. I do believe that God put me on a path to figure out that I do a lot better when I don't eat sugar, but then, there's the night I accidentally drank "full leaded" Sprite, and never had the first extra craving, and we all know that soda is full of sugar. So...I don't know. Yet. ☺

    2. Eating carbs is not sin, unless God tells you not to eat general, or a specific type like sugar. It's sometimes hard to get a clear sound sometimes. The sounds of our flesh can muddy up the message.

  2. Pseudo guilt? I already had enough to deal with. Thanks, Margaret!


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