Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A to Z Blogging Challenge: The "T" Edition

Being thankful when I’m thwarted…

I have days of being completely ungrateful, when I really have nothing to be ungrateful about!   I have made a decision to adopt an attitude of thankfulness.   I had actually spoken that thought out loud this weekend.

So what do you think happens?
I stepped on the scales this morning, and I’ve gained weight.

And I thought I deserved to see a loss!   Last week, I started walking again after not walking for two or so months…about a mile a day.   We went to Tuscaloosa for “A Day” and I did a lot of walking and stair climbing (with not a lot of overeating…but definitely some unhealthy eating).   Yesterday, I upped my mile to 1.5 miles.   Today, a weight gain. 

I really wanted to moan, groan, and carry on.
But I decided to thank God for every pound I’ve lost,
For every day I have walked in freedom…
And stay off the scales for a few days!

I shouldn't complain.  It has occurred to me that the longer it takes to come off, the less baggy-skinned I may be.  I can already see that I’m going to have to start working out my arms…getting a little saggy on the upper arm!  I know I won't be tight and toned like a 20 year old, but I don't want to be a deflated balloon, either.  And I’m noticing extra lines on my face that I didn’t use to see.   I’m sure pushing 50 has nothing to do with sags, bags and lines!

May 13 will be nine months walking in freedom.   I will post weight loss on that day…just in case you’re interested.


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