Thursday, April 18, 2013

A to Z Challenge: The "P" Edition

Physical Vs. Spiritual

What if...eating carbs made me feel guilty, and that's why I want to eat more and more, and it has nothing to do with my physical being, but just my way of dealing with the pseudo guilt. 

 I'm going to give this some extra thought.

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Parrot photo 2013AtoZParrot_zps0fc05520.jpg 
  Parrot, Nashville Zoo
Phlox photo 2013AtoZPhlox_zps40608412.jpg 
Pigeon photo 2013AtoZPigeon_zps71d37371.jpg 
  Pigeon (Nashville, TN)
Pink Leaves photo 2013AtoZPinkLeaves_zpseb24906d.jpg 
Pink Leaves 
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    1. I'm going to answer that as best I can in my next post, Deb.


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