Monday, April 29, 2013

Dear Youth: What I wish I'd known....

If ever I were to speak to our youth today, I would say, “If you believe you are anything less than what God created you to be because of the way you look, your size, your grades, or your history (no matter what it is), then you are believing LIES straight from the pits of hell.  Any thoughts you have regarding yourself that make you believe you are different, and therefore less worthy, are not true, no matter what you have done or what has happened to you.

I would tell them that drugs will only exacerbate those feelings, and inhibit their decision-making abilities, and that decisions made under the influence are life altering. 

I would tell them that the drug to NOT start with is nicotine.

With tears in my eyes I would tell them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made; that God had a plan for them before time, and no matter what mistakes they may have already made, God still has a plan.   I would tell them about freedom, and how they don’t have to live their lives under the bondage of lies making them believe that they need drugs or alcohol or food to dull the pain, and that sex does not equal love. 

I would tell them that Jesus does, indeed, love them, just as they are, and He really does make a difference. 

Some wouldn’t listen.
Some would.

If you are reading this and feel unworthy of love,
I will tell you the very same thing.
And food can also be a drug…
But you can be a winner.
Christ loves you.  


  1. What beautiful photos! Your posts are so inspirational.

  2. Such a beautiful, hope-filled message. I wish I had believed it as a Youth.

    I read this recently in "The Sacred Romance":

    "Nothing is less in power than the heart and far from commanding, we are forced to obey it... Our heart will carry us either to God or to addiction. Addiction is the most powerful psychic enemy of humanity's desire for God... which is no doubt why it is one of our adversary's favorite ways to imprison us. Once taken captive, trying to free ourselves through willpower is futile. Only God's Spirit himself can free us or even bring us to our senses."

    The author went on to call the different stuff we use "soul cocaine"... things that would allow us to feel better for just a little while.

    Like you've also said, he wrote that we can't change ourselves, but must learn to Rest in Jesus, in the heart of God, and let Him do the changing, the way a caterpillar rests inside the chrysalis while a transformation takes place.

    I "know" this... but am still waiting to KNOW this in my heart, and experientially. I mean... to Rest implies to cease the struggle. And that sounds like the place you are in. I feel His call, His love song, His invitation to Rest... and I TRY to rest. ha ha, an oxymoron.

    I appreciate you sharing your experiences of walking in that freedom given to us. I react to it differently at different times (sometimes grumpily, sometimes with tears, sometimes with a smile)... but it always makes me turn Homeward, and to think, so thank you for that.

    1. Thank you, Retta. I understand so, so deeply what you are saying.


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