Wednesday, May 29, 2013

EW! The Homeside Restaurant Edition

Homeside Restaurant on Cloverdale Road has changed owners since the last time I was there…a visit that was not very impressive some three or so years ago.   We jokingly refer to it as “Homicide’s” because of that visit.  Tonight, we visited again, and as my Daddy would say, it was two trips in one…my first and my last.

They have “meat and three” daily dinner specials along with a regular menu.   It wasn’t terribly busy when we went in, and we were told to seat ourselves.  Some 10 minutes later, a waitress brought us a menu and took our drink order.   A few minutes later, a second waitress came for our drink order.  

Wednesday choices are meatloaf (ew!), smoked chicken, and ribs.   Right away she told us there were no ribs, only “cubed steak,” whatever that is.   So I ordered smoked chicken.   Ole Boy chose meatloaf, corn (which the menu stated was whole kernel) and Brussels sprouts.   The waitress came back a few minutes later and told me there was no smoked chicken, only meatloaf, and there were no Brussels sprouts for Ole Boy.   I ordered off the menu.  

When Ole Boy’s food came, it was creamed corn and half-cooked, Alpo-ish meatloaf.  (Rocco didn’t mind how it was cooked, as it was better than regular Alpo.)  The tea was merely light brown water, like one tea bag was used per gallon of water.  My food was mediocre, not real bad, not real good.   I sure wish we’d gone for Mexican, which is what Ole Boy wanted, but I wanted some country vittles.  ::::Shudder::::

I can’t figure out the attraction…the place seems to always be busy, lots of vehicles parked in the lot…. Should you visit, it may be a good idea to just ask them what they have available instead of trying to order from the meat and three menu.  

Monday, May 27, 2013

My Wonderful Saturday in 22 Pictures

On Saturday, Ole Boy and I got up early and left before 6:30 a.m for Nashville.  We didn't have a plan, except to eat the the Loveless Cafe...but there were 100,000 people, give or take a few thousand, in front of us.   So, we found another place to eat, and over breakfast we agreed that Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Art Museum would be a great way to spend a lovely Saturday.   And we were not wrong!  

Cheekwood photo 20130525_8_zps3cc1c5b3.jpg
Reflections on the Pond
Cheekwood photo 20130525_35_zps1d498c7f.jpg
Miscellaneous Plants

Cheekwood photo 20130525_139_zpsf1960e3c.jpg
The Trail
Cheekwood photo 20130525_142_zps02aff713.jpg

Cheekwood Flowers photo 20130525_98_zps14a75f39.jpg
The Flowers
Cheekwood Flowers photo 20130525_162_zps5d0399c9.jpg

Cheekwood Leaves photo 20130525_164_zps826f1f18.jpg
The Leaves

Cheekwood Magnolia photo 20130525_32_zpsc1b1141a.jpg
Magnolia Blossom....always reminds me of Louisville, Mississippi

Cheekwood Lilies photo 20130525_151_zps1a899a49.jpg
Red Lilies

Cheekwood Roots photo 20130525_108_zpscdc6bc8a.jpg
Odd Root System

Cheekwood Turtle photo 20130525_7_zps0251a325.jpg
Prehistoric Sea Monster
(Or a large snapping turtle...)

Cheekwood Tailess Lizard photo 20130525_68_zpsc0b907c2.jpg
Prehistoric Land Monster
(Or a small, tailless lizard...)

Cheekwood Dragonfly photo 20130525_62_zps9dffacce.jpg
I love dragonflies

Cheekwood photo 20130525_56_zps51f736a3.jpg
The light show...
I'm certain I would love to see this at night!
There were over 20,000 glass spheres (above)
that light up in different colors at night.

The water towers, below, consist of over 10,000 one liter bottles
in 40 structures that light up and are musical at night.
Cheekwood Water Tower photo 20130525_43_zpsa826e1cc.jpg
I should sneak off and night.

Cheekwood Miniature Train photo 20130525_77_zpsd7a96f58.jpg
A miniature train...very elaborate.
Cheekwood Miniature Train photo 20130525_75_zps56d033eb.jpg

Cheekwood Treehouse photo 20130525_126_zps0824de5a.jpg

Cheekwood Pagoda photo 20130525_31_zpse1edf67c.jpg
Pagoda in the Japanese Gardens

Cheekwood Mansion photo 20130525_167_zps980f75d3.jpg
The Cheekwood Mansion, named for
Leslie Cheek and Mable Wood Cheek
who moved into the house in 1933.

(No photos were allowed inside the mansion where
the art museum and other artifacts are housed)

From the Cheekwood Website:
Joel Cheek, a cousin to Leslie, developed a superior blend of coffee that was marketed through the best hotel in Nashville, the Maxwell House. His extended family, including Leslie and Mabel, were investors. In 1928, Postum (now General Foods) purchased Maxwell House's parent company, Cheek-Neal Coffee, for more than $40 million.

With their income secured by the proceeds from the sale, the Cheeks bought 100 acres of what was then woodland in West Nashville for a country estate. To design and build the house and grounds, they hired New York residential and landscape architect, Bryant Fleming, and gave him control over every detail - from landscaping to interior furnishings. The result was a limestone mansion and extensive formal gardens inspired by the grand English houses of the 18th century. Fleming's masterpiece, Cheekwood, was completed in 1932.

    Cheekwood Mansion photo 20130525_159_zps2fc6c2f7.jpg 

The Balcony

I enjoyed my day with Ole Boy so much! 

patriotic divider photo: Patriotic Divider USAFlagbardivider.jpg
To the families of those who gave their all for our freedom...
...may you have a very peaceful Memorial Day.
My heartfelt "Thank you," 
to the heroes and their families.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thursday’s Thoughts: The “For Christians” Edition

Everyone has heard the old maxim, “If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”   The United States of America is perilously close to being un-united, and it’s an unfortunate truth that Christians are part of the problem.

Don’t click the X just yet.

We have ungodly leaders in office right now.  Morals are on a rapid decline, deception is rampant, and we are standing idly by, letting the enemy steal, kill and destroy what is rightfully ours!   It’s a dark, dark world, my friends, we cannot afford to become accustomed to the darkness!

Want revival?
Start with yourself.

Until Christians come together, agreeing in prayer, asking for God’s will over our own wills, wants, and traditions, we will not see revival.   That means we all have to get along:  the Church of Christ with the Pentecostals, the Charismatics with the Baptists, the Methodists with the interdenominational believers.  It’s not our jobs to debate the rights and wrongs wearing of pants, dancing, or music in the church, or any religious tradition, with a brother or sister in Christ. 

If we all get into our God-appointed positions, armed with the word of God, the Bible, our sword, and prayerfully come together praying God’s will in America, we will see revival as we have never seen it before.   And you just may begin to see that what you thought was important isn’t, and what you brushed over as unimportant is, indeed, important.     

You may be part of the problem if:
  1. You are not praying for the leaders of our country.   That does not mean praying that they will come around to your way of thinking.  No, that means praying “Thy kingdom come, THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH as it is in Heaven"  Praying for our leaders to be in God’s will. (Matt. 6:10)
  2. You bash the President of the United States, then spout Bible verses:   Blessings and cursing, this ought not to be!  (James 3:8-10)  Pray for our leaders.
  3. You bash congress, your local officials, or your next door neighbor.
  4. You still think this is a war between conservatives and liberals and not spiritual warfare.
  5. You post in social networking sites disrespectful, touched up photos of the president, other leaders, celebrities, or anyone else, making it appear they are doing things they are not.   For example, there is a picture circulating around that has been photo-shopped to look like Obama is kissing UK Prime Minister David Cameron.  You are disrespecting the highest office of America, and disrespecting the man God has allowed to be in office.  If you don't want him there, PRAY GOD's WILL for America!
  6. You use your words carelessly in anything that you say, politically or in your daily life.  We will all give account for every idle word we speak.
  7. The same goes for what you write, anonymously or otherwise.
  8. You don’t vote.
  9. You vote according to party/race/gender without prayerfully seeking the will of God before casting your vote.  
  10.  You let prejudices and biases get in the way of helping others.

Are you ready for some JUSTICE?
I have a lot to say about justice…coming soon.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today's's not always such a nice place

Today I deleted my account on Huffington Post that allows me to post comments.  While the news and the comments that follow are usually disturbing to me, lately it has been distressing.   I realize HP is as liberal a media outlet as they come, but it is worrisome the ungodly way people believe...and solidly think they have justification in what they believe.  It doesn't take long to realize that our world really is in a mess, and while I'm glad it's not my Home, I must live the life that God prescribed for me on Earth until it's time for me to go Home.  Some days, I'm really, really ready to do just that.

Lately, I have been praying for Kenneth Bae, an American who was convicted of hostile acts toward North Korea (crossing the border and giving Bibles to orphans) and is now serving 15 years of hard labor.  I know there are others in these types of terrible situations, but Mr. Bae has touched my heart, and I have been asking God to intervene.   

People are fighting cancer and other catastrophic diseases; hearts are broken every where I look. 

Yesterday, I had some stressful news regarding my daughter that breaks my heart for her.  I put the situation in God's capable hands; He is certainly able to handle it, and in comparison with world events, it's a small thing.  But we don't like to see our children upset, do we?  

Last evening, when I heard about Oklahoma's devastating tornado...I had a longing for Jesus.  I've come to realize that His returning is an event to be hoped for.   I am thankful for His mercy and His longsuffering, because I know that there are unsaved people who desperately need Jesus, but more and more, I've come to just want to see Him...look upon His face, as the old hymn goes.

Do you think Jesus is coming soon?  Perhaps even in your lifetime?   "Soon," I know, can be a while yet.   I don't like world events, but I do know Who is control, Who has the final say, and that is Who I serve, but that doesn't always stop the emotional toll of the deception and devastation around me. 

If it were not for knowing God, I would be so anxious, so fearful, and very depressed.  I cannot imagine living without the hope that He is...because I get antsy even so. 

The Bible says to pray without ceasing.   I understand don't have to look anywhere to find prayer needs.  Please pray for the Oklahoma tornado victims, and for Mr. Bae if he crosses your mind.   

Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Musings...The Sam's Club Edition

Dear Sam’s Employee:
When there is a line of no less than 14 people behind you waiting to check out, it is not the best time to conduct “membership business.”   I realize you have a job to do…harassing informing customers about what a great membership upgrade they could have if they would just listen to you, but please, not while long lines are waiting to check out.

Dear Fellow Sam’s Shoppers:
I was pretty tired of waiting in line with a broken foot.   I was complaining a little to Ole Boy about the hold up, and it didn’t help that he said his normal “Huh?” to everything I said, so I repeated it all a little louder.  I think my favorite line was “They’re backed up all the way to the nut man!”  (The “nut man” being the sample-giver with the nuts.)   Anyway, if you heard my doubled protests, I’m a little ashamed.

Dear God:
About that murmuring and complaining…yes, I know that even if no one else heard me, You did.  I wish I hadn’t done that, and I will really try to always be more Christ-like no matter what my situation is.  And I have to admit, waiting five extra minutes (even if it seemed like 25) was not worth getting riled over. 

A few weeks ago, I wondered about eating carbs and pseudo-guilt.   I decided to put those thoughts to the test, and a week ago Thursday, I ate some "full-leaded" candy.  I had 3 or 4 pieces.   It went pretty well.  Or so I thought…until I actually analyzed what went on last week and over the weekend.

Before I get into that, I’d like to say that from August to December, I was pretty careful about what I ate.   This year, I have not been nearly as meticulous, and my weight loss has really slowed down.  Truthfully, I think it would have slowed down anyway, but probably not as much as it has.   I was thinking over the last couple of weeks that I had barely lost 5 pounds over the past few months.   But I looked back over my weight loss record, and at the end of January, I was at 68 pounds lost.   Last week, I was at 88 pounds lost, so 20 pounds is a very good achievement, I am thinking. 

Back to the sugar issue…I fully believe what I said about limiting God’s freedom, and I know that we are freed from the chains of sin because of what Jesus did on the cross for us.   But!  Some things are not the best choices for us.  Let me give you a crude example…cashews are fairly low carb (though the one of the carbier nuts) but they give me gas.  (There, I said it!)  It’s just wise for me not to eat those things, even if they are low carb.  Sugar is also not a wise choice for me.

This past weekend, for the first time since August of last year, I had one of those days when I just wanted to eat.  I gave serious thought of sneaking off for a whole bag of cookies (I didn’t).  I thought of getting a box of Klondike bars, the “no sugar added” variety, of course, of which I would have probably eaten the whole box.  Instead, I got a 175 calorie McDonald’s ice cream cone, but the fact of the matter is I was having real issues that rivaled the days of old when I was out of control.

To describe even further what was going on in my head, I told myself exactly what was going on, and I still chose to eat.  Willful gluttony...some of it premeditated.  I reminded myself that it was sin and did it anyway.  I am not proud of any of that.  And I am not fully blaming it on 3 or pieces of chocolate candy, either.   But that did put the wheels in motion.  Honestly, it's not worth it.  I much prefer walking in freedom.

Needless to say, it’s back to low carb (strict low carb for a while).  And as always, I will lean on Him for strength, not look to my own will power(less).

Friday, May 17, 2013

Elementary Memories, My Dear...

Proceed at your own risk through my rambling words and jumbled thoughts in print of the years 1970 – 1976…hinging on whether or not my faulty memory is serving me correctly.   (And this post is well over the 500 words limit by which I like to try and abide.)

When I started first grade at Underwood Elementary School, vending machines offered 5¢ six ounce Cokes, and 10¢ ten ounce Cokes.  (Whether it was coke or 7 up, or whatever…it was all called Coke, and I believe the 10 ounce drinks were only 8¢ that first year.)   The school secretary, Mrs. Quillen, ran a little candy store out of the office, where I once rudely told my third grade teacher Mrs. Poole to “Move!”  She then gave me a (much needed) lecture on courtesy.    Mr. Myhan handled the popsicles…it seems like there was a popsicle for every flavor a kid could think of!

My introduction to school wasn’t a pleasant one.   My teacher, Mrs. Moore, was obviously tired of seeing my family members…I was the fifth and final…and she wasn’t always nice.  Or was it possibly because I was precocious and loud and got on her nerves?   Whatever the reason, I suppose it’s my own unforgiveness that I need to face.    I remember Sharon R. was on crutches for a while, and Laura B. had a bicycle wreck that resulted in a hospital stay…and when she came back to school, she had a badly bruised face.   Mrs. Moore gave each child a chance to be “Teacher’s Pet” for a day. 

The principal, Mr. Terry, was a scary man to a first grader.   I’d never heard of a first name being a last name…and I dared to say “Hey, Terry!” as I passed him in the hall.   He quickly set me straight on that deal, and I didn’t do that again!   I also remember they gave immunization shots at school in those days.   Oh, how I hated those days!   Mrs. Broadfoot was my favorite substitute teacher.  There was another substitute I liked, too, and I believe her name was Mrs. Hill.  I remember I liked the way she said “Pacific” as in the Pacific Ocean.  

Second grade was a much better experience.   Mrs. Hall seemed to genuinely like children.    There was a new girl named Beverly in our class for a while.  She didn’t stay long…but when I was a senior, I got a job at Shoney’s and Beverly was working there, only she was called Chita, but I knew I remembered her from somewhere.   When I finally heard her first name was Beverly, I was able to put one and one together and came up second grade.
Once, when Mrs. Hall was out of the room, for some unknown reason, I was running around the desks and knocked the record player off…thankfully it still worked.    I was scared to death of the trouble I was going to be in when she came back in….but I wasn’t.    I stole 5 pennies from Selena M. that year…oh, the times I have thought about that with shame.   I have never again stolen from another individual.   
One of the best things about that year, though I didn’t know it then, was that every morning, Mrs. Hall had us say the Pledge of Allegiance and the 100th Psalm.   I have never forgotten that Psalm, and I rarely recite it without thinking of Mrs. Hall.

Third grade gave me Mrs. Poole.   I thought she was so pretty!  She didn’t have her class in the traditional rows of desks….there were groups of rows of about 5 or six desks, and I sat beside Laura B. and  behind Jay C. for a while.   I also have a memory of sitting very near her desk…I wonder what I did to get that special place in the room?  This was the year I fell in love with Laura Ingalls Wilder and the Little House books, because Mrs. Poole read us The Little House on the Prairie afternoon.  I read all of LIW’s stories, and loved the TV show.   (I visited Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home in Missouri a few years ago.   She wasn’t there…)   Years later, when my daughter was at Underwood, Mrs. Poole, who had become Mrs. Griffin, was the principal.   

My fourth grade teacher was Mrs. Witt…very possibly my favorite teacher of all my years in school.    I think this was the year that Kathy T. broke her toes.   I remember she didn’t let that stop her from playing PE…kickball and softball.   She fell down once, and I could tell it hurt her…but she didn’t cry.  I was really impressed.     

Pamela M. and I sang “The Church in the Wildwood” to the whole class.   I say “we” but I didn’t sing very much at all.   I had told Pam that I would help her, but I must have developed some sort of stage fright when faced with the whole class looking.   Tammy I. and Cindy T. put together a magic show for us.    It was actually pretty good, and I still remember two of the tricks they did.   I asked Tammy how they did it, fully expecting her not to tell me, but she did…I always liked Tammy, and she has done very well for the state of Alabama.

Fifth grade…we were the "big kids" and started changing classes!   I liked both Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. McGuire, the fifth grade teachers.   Mrs. McGuire used the phrase “quit meddlin’” a lot.   That was the girls and boys really started noticing each other and pairing off…though it had started in third and fourth grades.   

Sixth grade teachers were Mrs. Pierce and Mrs. Alexander, and I like them both as well.   Mrs. Pierce was my homeroom teacher, and she used the phrase “Woe be unto you…” when she was threatening us for whatever reason.    I think we realized she meant business.    Early spring mornings would find many of us (Jeff Y.  Julia R. Mark D., and others) playing softball before the bell rang.  Sadly, this was the year that I learned that children aren’t immortal with the freak accident that claimed the life of second grader Tyra Townsley.    A couple of her cousins were in my class, and I remember them crying during class.   A twelve year really doesn’t know what to say in times like this. 

My years at Underwood are very special memories.   I met a girl there named Carol B.  She left Underwood and to go to Cloverdale after only a year or two, and it wasn’t until the 9th grade that I saw her again.   She became my High School BFF and is still my very dear friend.  We’ve lost a few classmates along the years, Mark Davis, Mark Hanback, Anita Looney, Tim Smith, Lisa Hill (who left after the 4th grade) and Sharon Risner.   I still live near the school.  Though it looks a little different these days, one thing remains the same:  Memories are being built, lifelong friendships are being formed, and America’s bright future are learning and discovering life in those elementary classrooms.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Testing, anyone missing Cade's Cove?

This is merely a test post.

I wanted to see what would happen when I put a background on a page...and I like it!  I think I will do this more often. 

There is a wonderful picture that my sister took some time ago, and if I can find it again...I just may "steal" it and use it as a background.      

I guess on darker parts of the picture, I will have to use another font color.  White may work pretty well.   

This photo is a picture I snapped in Cades Cove a few years ago.  I always thought a Bible verse overlay would be perfect for it.   

Friday, May 10, 2013

Rules of the Boot

I have a fractured navicular (translated:  I broke my foot.)   I’m wearing a big clunky boot and hobbling about.   Of course, I had to give up my 1.5 mile exercise trek (I don’t think I’ve complained about that, though), and today I found out something important about the boot…if your jeans don’t fit over the boot, wear something else!   I tucked my jeans inside, and it has seriously chaffed my leg where the boot and jeans meets the skin.

I had started to maneuver around the truth enough so that I wouldn’t be lying, but I wouldn’t be telling it all, either.  I decided against that, and I’ll just tell you that I have been involved in some premeditated gluttony today (and some last night, too).   It sure is easy to give in a second time when you give in a first time.  Today, as I was headed toward the restaurant to partake in aforementioned premeditated gluttony, I talked to myself.  I reminded me that I didn’t have to do this.   I chose to, anyway.   Last night wasn’t so bad, by itself, neither was today, by itself (other than both times were unmitigated gluttonous behavior) but now I feel pretty stuffed and miserable.   And being stuffed and miserable, hobbling around with an inflatable boot and a broken foot…well…I’m a sight.

If I can’t get attention one way, I’ll get it another.

Last week I had lost 88 pounds.   Today, I would imagine that mark is not so high.   I have decided to not post weight loss on Monday like I originally said because, well, I really don’t want to know myself.  I'd like to say that the weight doesn't matter, that only making right choices and being obedient does.   But the truth is, I really like losing weight.

And there we have it!   I feel better having gotten that off my chest.   Oh wait.   It’s still there, and it’s laying heavy, I might add.   :::groan:::

have a nice weekend photo: have a nice weekend image0112.gif

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Musings...The "They're Back" Edition!

80 calories of dark chocolate peanut butter goodness!   I will not buy you again for a lonnnng time!  :::(not so) innocently looking at the empty box:::

Dear Ladies Meeting Teacher:
You make it look so easy!   What I thought was 45 minutes worth of material turned out to be only 15.   I had to ad lib!  

Dear Mouth:
You don’t have to do all the work!   Let the ears have a chance!

Dear Facebook “Friend:”
I am not happy with the current administration, either, but there are enough grounds in the truth of what he’s doing that you do not need to “bear false witness.”   You’d be much, much more useful if you were praying for our leaders.

Dear Rainy Monday:
If my calendar didn’t tell me it is a May day, I’d think it was still February out there!  Even so, it’s a day that the Lord has made, and I will rejoice and be glad in it!

Dear Student:
If you don’t like getting tickets at the university that you pay so much to attend (but not as much as you stated) then be a little more careful to follow the rules for parking on campus.

Dear Blogger:
I think you forget that you are writing about real people with real feelings, and sometimes what you say isn’t necessary and doesn’t really serve a purpose.

Dear Reader:
Have a wonderful, blessed, beautiful week!

Dear Piers Morgan:
Please go home. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Civil War pictures!

This weekend I intended to stay off my foot, which may have a stress fracture, and see if it's any better by Monday before I visit the bone and joint doctor.   However, it's easy to think you'll take it easy when it's supposed to be a rainy weekend.   As it turned out...I woke up around 5 a.m. and it wasn't rainy.   So much for staying off my foot.   bwahaha

Ole Boy happened to need to be near the Mississippi state line very early, and since I was already up, I tagged along.  After he took care of business, we headed up to Shiloh National Military Park in Tennessee. 

Shiloh Visitor Center photo 20130504_47_zps0f97f80a.jpg
First we stopped at the Visitor Center.   This huge oak tree was right outside the door.   You can't really appreciate just how big this tree is from this picture.

Shiloh Gate photo 20130504_82_zpsf7eeaf16.jpg
From there, we walked to the National Cemetery. 

Shiloh Markers and Squirrel photo 20130504_66_zps74154688.jpg
Marker after marker after marker....and a few squirrels. 
Shiloh Knotty Tree photo 20130504_75_zpsce7dc4cc.jpg
More markers and a knotty tree.
Shiloh Confederate photo 20130504_84_zpsf0e1646a.jpg
Before we left, we visited the book/souvenir store, where I found confederate flags, pins, and necklaces...which is a completely differentblog...all about Heritage vs Hate.   I'm on the side of Heritage.   Someone, at some time in the recent past decided that, without researching the history of the battle flag, they were offended at the site of it...but I digress...

We also bought a CD called Homespun Songs of the CSA by Bobby Horton, and we listened to songs like Dixie, Cumberland Gap, "Jine the Cavalry" which I thought was "Johnny Cavalry" through most of the song.  (Bobby Horton is from Birmingham, AL, and quite talented.   We enjoyed the CD) 

Shiloh Iowa Monument photo 20130504_89_zpsb2a66079.jpg
 Ole Boy on the Iowa Monument
Shiloh Bloody Pond photo 20130504_148_zps3cdadf5b.jpg
This was a very, very small "pond."  The sign was more interesting.
  Shiloh Indian Mounds photo 20130504_163_zpsfd99ecc1.jpg 
This is view from the largest of the Indian Mounds.
Shiloh Indian Mound Trail photo 20130504_158_zps3a8396db.jpg 
Indian Mound
Shiloh Indian Mound photo 20130504_155_zps9a4b8d03.jpg 
Indian Mound
 photo Wheels.jpg
Lots of cannons throughout the park
Shiloh Thistle photo 20130504_127_zps67188b2a.jpg 
Lots of thistle, too.
Shiloh Eagle photo 20130504_107_zps3f65c0bb.jpg   
  An eagle and nest, according to a park official.
I thought it looked more like a buzzard, myself.
Shiloh Motorcycles photo 20130504_174_zps180a9fa9.jpg
As we were leaving, Hell's Angels showed up.  I didn't mind that we were leaving as they were arriving. (They weren't really Hell's Angels.  They were most likely very nice folks with very loud motorcycles.)
Pickwick Dam photo 20130504_180_zpsc86d095d.jpg
After leaving the park, we headed over to Pickwick Landing Dam.
Look at that beautiful sky!
Lovely day!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Totally Stole This One...

So as I was driving the kids to school this morning, I noticed a big white spot at the top if the door frame. As I'm getting closer and glaring with my mouth open I became aware of the freshly hatched spider sac. As I'm trying to close my mouth to avoid contamination, a slight squeal erupted from the depths if my soul. Immediately I noticed a trembling writhing in my core. It seemed to vibrate up my body and down my arms, which became limp rapidly flopping noodles that were uncontrollably slapping my face and body. This started a panic in the car which led to further screams of epic levels. As I'm jerking my hair down to slap myself more fervently and effectively in the back of the head (because that is the only logical place for all the spiders to go) I suddenly become aware that I am stopped in the middle if the road causing a scene that had been beneficial to 3 different vehicles and their personal amusement. Great start of the day, I would say.

This is my daughter's Facebook status update from yesterday.  I laughed and laughed.  She threatened to put spiders in my car.   Her fear of spiders is probably from me, and I got it from my mom.   Spiders....we hate them, and yet I call myself The Brown Recluse.  

After having another good giggle about her plight, I went to take my shower, and of course, there was a huge spider in my tub.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What Time Is It?

10The Lord brings the counsel of the nations to nothing;
He makes the plans of the peoples of no effect.
11 The counsel of the Lord stands forever,
The plans of His heart to all generations.
12 Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,
The people He has chosen as His own inheritance.
Psalm 33

It’s time for God’s children to pray – to look to the eastern sky because Jesus is coming soon.  Everything He said in His word is true, and it will all come to pass.  The time to pray is NOW, and the day to listen to what God is saying is now, while we can still hear! 

Pray for the sinner.   Pray for the boldness of His people to lift up their voices to be heard in a nation of unrighteous leaders.  

The days are counted, and God has a plan that will continue until He says it’s time…and that day appears to be very close.

Thursday, May 2, 2013
~ ~ 
In Florence:
12 Noon at Wilson Park, Downtown Florence

In case of inclement weather:
across the street at First United Methodist Church
4…Thus says the Lord:
“Will they fall and not rise?
Will one turn away and not return?
5 Why has this people slidden back,
Jerusalem, in a perpetual backsliding?
They hold fast to deceit,
They refuse to return.
6 I listened and heard,
But they do not speak aright.
No man repented of his wickedness,
Saying, ‘What have I done?’
Everyone turned to his own course,
As the horse rushes into the battle.
Jeremiah 8:4-6

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