Saturday, May 4, 2013

Civil War pictures!

This weekend I intended to stay off my foot, which may have a stress fracture, and see if it's any better by Monday before I visit the bone and joint doctor.   However, it's easy to think you'll take it easy when it's supposed to be a rainy weekend.   As it turned out...I woke up around 5 a.m. and it wasn't rainy.   So much for staying off my foot.   bwahaha

Ole Boy happened to need to be near the Mississippi state line very early, and since I was already up, I tagged along.  After he took care of business, we headed up to Shiloh National Military Park in Tennessee. 

Shiloh Visitor Center photo 20130504_47_zps0f97f80a.jpg
First we stopped at the Visitor Center.   This huge oak tree was right outside the door.   You can't really appreciate just how big this tree is from this picture.

Shiloh Gate photo 20130504_82_zpsf7eeaf16.jpg
From there, we walked to the National Cemetery. 

Shiloh Markers and Squirrel photo 20130504_66_zps74154688.jpg
Marker after marker after marker....and a few squirrels. 
Shiloh Knotty Tree photo 20130504_75_zpsce7dc4cc.jpg
More markers and a knotty tree.
Shiloh Confederate photo 20130504_84_zpsf0e1646a.jpg
Before we left, we visited the book/souvenir store, where I found confederate flags, pins, and necklaces...which is a completely differentblog...all about Heritage vs Hate.   I'm on the side of Heritage.   Someone, at some time in the recent past decided that, without researching the history of the battle flag, they were offended at the site of it...but I digress...

We also bought a CD called Homespun Songs of the CSA by Bobby Horton, and we listened to songs like Dixie, Cumberland Gap, "Jine the Cavalry" which I thought was "Johnny Cavalry" through most of the song.  (Bobby Horton is from Birmingham, AL, and quite talented.   We enjoyed the CD) 

Shiloh Iowa Monument photo 20130504_89_zpsb2a66079.jpg
 Ole Boy on the Iowa Monument
Shiloh Bloody Pond photo 20130504_148_zps3cdadf5b.jpg
This was a very, very small "pond."  The sign was more interesting.
  Shiloh Indian Mounds photo 20130504_163_zpsfd99ecc1.jpg 
This is view from the largest of the Indian Mounds.
Shiloh Indian Mound Trail photo 20130504_158_zps3a8396db.jpg 
Indian Mound
Shiloh Indian Mound photo 20130504_155_zps9a4b8d03.jpg 
Indian Mound
 photo Wheels.jpg
Lots of cannons throughout the park
Shiloh Thistle photo 20130504_127_zps67188b2a.jpg 
Lots of thistle, too.
Shiloh Eagle photo 20130504_107_zps3f65c0bb.jpg   
  An eagle and nest, according to a park official.
I thought it looked more like a buzzard, myself.
Shiloh Motorcycles photo 20130504_174_zps180a9fa9.jpg
As we were leaving, Hell's Angels showed up.  I didn't mind that we were leaving as they were arriving. (They weren't really Hell's Angels.  They were most likely very nice folks with very loud motorcycles.)
Pickwick Dam photo 20130504_180_zpsc86d095d.jpg
After leaving the park, we headed over to Pickwick Landing Dam.
Look at that beautiful sky!
Lovely day!

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  1. What an amazing post! I love places like this!


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