Wednesday, May 29, 2013

EW! The Homeside Restaurant Edition

Homeside Restaurant on Cloverdale Road has changed owners since the last time I was there…a visit that was not very impressive some three or so years ago.   We jokingly refer to it as “Homicide’s” because of that visit.  Tonight, we visited again, and as my Daddy would say, it was two trips in one…my first and my last.

They have “meat and three” daily dinner specials along with a regular menu.   It wasn’t terribly busy when we went in, and we were told to seat ourselves.  Some 10 minutes later, a waitress brought us a menu and took our drink order.   A few minutes later, a second waitress came for our drink order.  

Wednesday choices are meatloaf (ew!), smoked chicken, and ribs.   Right away she told us there were no ribs, only “cubed steak,” whatever that is.   So I ordered smoked chicken.   Ole Boy chose meatloaf, corn (which the menu stated was whole kernel) and Brussels sprouts.   The waitress came back a few minutes later and told me there was no smoked chicken, only meatloaf, and there were no Brussels sprouts for Ole Boy.   I ordered off the menu.  

When Ole Boy’s food came, it was creamed corn and half-cooked, Alpo-ish meatloaf.  (Rocco didn’t mind how it was cooked, as it was better than regular Alpo.)  The tea was merely light brown water, like one tea bag was used per gallon of water.  My food was mediocre, not real bad, not real good.   I sure wish we’d gone for Mexican, which is what Ole Boy wanted, but I wanted some country vittles.  ::::Shudder::::

I can’t figure out the attraction…the place seems to always be busy, lots of vehicles parked in the lot…. Should you visit, it may be a good idea to just ask them what they have available instead of trying to order from the meat and three menu.  


  1. I had actually done a blog in their favor a while back. After the last time we were there,... I doubt we go back. It was a Friday night all you can eat catfish,... fish were good, the onion tasted like ammonia. Hushpuppies weren't good and the slaw tasted like cabbage. I know slaw is made from cabbage but it isn't supposed to taste like it lol,....

  2. Preston's in Lexington has a 5.00 lunch that's similar. It's listed on a dry erase board up front and if they're out of anything, they'll post it. I've never been blown away with it, but I've never had a really bad experience with it either. I don't think I'll try Homeside...

  3. We go there often and have always had friendly, efficient service and good food. One of our favorite places to go with friends. Sorry you had a bad experience.....

    1. I'm glad to know that for you, it's a pleasant experience. But for us, it was worse than I described. We even had two servers make eye contact with us, and still left us sitting for over 10 minutes before bringing us a menu. By the time we actually got our order in, with all the coming back to tell us yet another item they didn't have listed on the menu, we had been there 25 minutes. It wasn't that busy, and it was before 6, so they shouldn't have been out of so many items. Even if the service had been wonderful, the food was pretty bad.


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