Monday, May 27, 2013

My Wonderful Saturday in 22 Pictures

On Saturday, Ole Boy and I got up early and left before 6:30 a.m for Nashville.  We didn't have a plan, except to eat the the Loveless Cafe...but there were 100,000 people, give or take a few thousand, in front of us.   So, we found another place to eat, and over breakfast we agreed that Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Art Museum would be a great way to spend a lovely Saturday.   And we were not wrong!  

Cheekwood photo 20130525_8_zps3cc1c5b3.jpg
Reflections on the Pond
Cheekwood photo 20130525_35_zps1d498c7f.jpg
Miscellaneous Plants

Cheekwood photo 20130525_139_zpsf1960e3c.jpg
The Trail
Cheekwood photo 20130525_142_zps02aff713.jpg

Cheekwood Flowers photo 20130525_98_zps14a75f39.jpg
The Flowers
Cheekwood Flowers photo 20130525_162_zps5d0399c9.jpg

Cheekwood Leaves photo 20130525_164_zps826f1f18.jpg
The Leaves

Cheekwood Magnolia photo 20130525_32_zpsc1b1141a.jpg
Magnolia Blossom....always reminds me of Louisville, Mississippi

Cheekwood Lilies photo 20130525_151_zps1a899a49.jpg
Red Lilies

Cheekwood Roots photo 20130525_108_zpscdc6bc8a.jpg
Odd Root System

Cheekwood Turtle photo 20130525_7_zps0251a325.jpg
Prehistoric Sea Monster
(Or a large snapping turtle...)

Cheekwood Tailess Lizard photo 20130525_68_zpsc0b907c2.jpg
Prehistoric Land Monster
(Or a small, tailless lizard...)

Cheekwood Dragonfly photo 20130525_62_zps9dffacce.jpg
I love dragonflies

Cheekwood photo 20130525_56_zps51f736a3.jpg
The light show...
I'm certain I would love to see this at night!
There were over 20,000 glass spheres (above)
that light up in different colors at night.

The water towers, below, consist of over 10,000 one liter bottles
in 40 structures that light up and are musical at night.
Cheekwood Water Tower photo 20130525_43_zpsa826e1cc.jpg
I should sneak off and night.

Cheekwood Miniature Train photo 20130525_77_zpsd7a96f58.jpg
A miniature train...very elaborate.
Cheekwood Miniature Train photo 20130525_75_zps56d033eb.jpg

Cheekwood Treehouse photo 20130525_126_zps0824de5a.jpg

Cheekwood Pagoda photo 20130525_31_zpse1edf67c.jpg
Pagoda in the Japanese Gardens

Cheekwood Mansion photo 20130525_167_zps980f75d3.jpg
The Cheekwood Mansion, named for
Leslie Cheek and Mable Wood Cheek
who moved into the house in 1933.

(No photos were allowed inside the mansion where
the art museum and other artifacts are housed)

From the Cheekwood Website:
Joel Cheek, a cousin to Leslie, developed a superior blend of coffee that was marketed through the best hotel in Nashville, the Maxwell House. His extended family, including Leslie and Mabel, were investors. In 1928, Postum (now General Foods) purchased Maxwell House's parent company, Cheek-Neal Coffee, for more than $40 million.

With their income secured by the proceeds from the sale, the Cheeks bought 100 acres of what was then woodland in West Nashville for a country estate. To design and build the house and grounds, they hired New York residential and landscape architect, Bryant Fleming, and gave him control over every detail - from landscaping to interior furnishings. The result was a limestone mansion and extensive formal gardens inspired by the grand English houses of the 18th century. Fleming's masterpiece, Cheekwood, was completed in 1932.

    Cheekwood Mansion photo 20130525_159_zps2fc6c2f7.jpg 

The Balcony

I enjoyed my day with Ole Boy so much! 

patriotic divider photo: Patriotic Divider USAFlagbardivider.jpg
To the families of those who gave their all for our freedom...
...may you have a very peaceful Memorial Day.
My heartfelt "Thank you," 
to the heroes and their families.


  1. Thanks for the explanation tour and the pictures.

  2. Beautiful pictures. Loved the pond reflections and those yellow petaled flowers with the graduated pink. A daisy? Sunflower? At an rate, beautiful.

    But....about your 500 word limit... If a picture is worth a thousand words, does that mean this post is over 22,000 words long? :o snicker.

    Later, gator.



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