Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today's World...it's not always such a nice place

Today I deleted my account on Huffington Post that allows me to post comments.  While the news and the comments that follow are usually disturbing to me, lately it has been distressing.   I realize HP is as liberal a media outlet as they come, but it is worrisome the ungodly way people believe...and solidly think they have justification in what they believe.  It doesn't take long to realize that our world really is in a mess, and while I'm glad it's not my Home, I must live the life that God prescribed for me on Earth until it's time for me to go Home.  Some days, I'm really, really ready to do just that.

Lately, I have been praying for Kenneth Bae, an American who was convicted of hostile acts toward North Korea (crossing the border and giving Bibles to orphans) and is now serving 15 years of hard labor.  I know there are others in these types of terrible situations, but Mr. Bae has touched my heart, and I have been asking God to intervene.   

People are fighting cancer and other catastrophic diseases; hearts are broken every where I look. 

Yesterday, I had some stressful news regarding my daughter that breaks my heart for her.  I put the situation in God's capable hands; He is certainly able to handle it, and in comparison with world events, it's a small thing.  But we don't like to see our children upset, do we?  

Last evening, when I heard about Oklahoma's devastating tornado...I had a longing for Jesus.  I've come to realize that His returning is an event to be hoped for.   I am thankful for His mercy and His longsuffering, because I know that there are unsaved people who desperately need Jesus, but more and more, I've come to just want to see Him...look upon His face, as the old hymn goes.

Do you think Jesus is coming soon?  Perhaps even in your lifetime?   "Soon," I know, can be a while yet.   I don't like world events, but I do know Who is control, Who has the final say, and that is Who I serve, but that doesn't always stop the emotional toll of the deception and devastation around me. 

If it were not for knowing God, I would be so anxious, so fearful, and very depressed.  I cannot imagine living without the hope that He is...because I get antsy even so. 

The Bible says to pray without ceasing.   I understand why...you don't have to look anywhere to find prayer needs.  Please pray for the Oklahoma tornado victims, and for Mr. Bae if he crosses your mind.   


  1. I agree with you.. so much bad/sad news, but if we look there are good things happening, too. I don't know if we are in the end times now.. some say yes, and some say no. All I know is that without God in my life, things would seem pretty hopeless.

  2. Consider this done. And I pray when I lose my keys sometimes. I'm really hoping God doesn't hold it against me. Hang in there - it's never as dark as it seems so long as there is faith.

  3. I'm not good at praying but I pray for the poor soldier who was killed in our country today RIP

  4. You and they are in my prayers. Peace.


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