Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Musings: The Dilli-Whopper Edition

Dear Folks (in front of restaurant loudly discussing your Christianity and political affiliations):
How in the world did you get so deceived??

Dear Teacher:
You hold a Master’s Degree, I understand that.   What I don’t understand is how you obtained it with your grammar and spelling.

Dear Department Head:
If you don’t know how to spell it, don’t call someone else out on their “lapses of grammer.”

Dear Brown Recluse:
Haven’t you learned yet that every time you pick on someone else’s grammar and spelling, you make a dilli-whopper yourself?

Dear Sixth Grade Spelling Bee:
I still remember you putting with me out with the word “Biscuit.”  I guess Betty Crocker’s “Bisquick” doesn’t mean biscuit is spelled “bisquit.”

Dear Phantom Neighbors:
I don’t ever see any of you.  ::::raised eyebrow::::

Dear Wal*Mart Mommy:
When your 4 year old is pelting you with the toy he wants you to open NOWWWW!! in the middle of the store, I respectfully suggest you don’t keep offering him other toys he may like better than that one.


  1. Snicker. You may want to reread your spelling bee entry. :} The curse of the grammar criticism strikes again. :o

    I do love these "Musings." You express what I so often think myself under the same circumstances.


  2. Hay their! Grammer iz mi specialitie!


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