Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Musings: The Lost Doggy Edition

Dear Dog Owner:
Thankfully, the tag on your pet had your number.   However, when you are called and told your dog is blocks away from home, near a busy intersection, skittish, hungry and thirsty, the proper responses are not:
"Uhm, I'm not home."
"Uhm, I don't drive."
"Oh, he'll come home when he gets ready to, he does this all the time."

Dear Dog Owner:
We fed and watered him, and I hope that he did get safely home.   Your attitude about the the situation was disturbing.   I sincerely hope that you are a better caregiver than what this incident suggests.

Dear Grocery Store Manager:
It's ironic that this dog would be at the store you manage.  I momentarily thought perhaps the poor beast belonged to you.

Today is the first Monday in June...can you believe it?!     I mentioned several posts back that for the month of June, I would be posting (Monday - Friday) a series of short is the first one.   I hope you enjoy!   >>>Clicky<<<


  1. That was sad situation about that beautiful dog's owner.

    You dont deserve the dog.

  2. Don't you wonder how some people can be so self-centered that they don't even realize how irresponsible and negligent they are? This person would probable insist s/he loves the dog and is a good pet owner.

    Sadly, reminds me of some parents I know here in the land of cell phone orphans.

    Walking away from the soap box...with effort.


  3. That looks exactly like the dog I grew up with (the only dog I ever loved). Gimme that number. Someone's a-gonna git their arse kicked.

  4. Thank you for looking out for him. I think you may see him again...


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