Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Musings...The Crop Duster's Edition

Dear UNA:
I cannot believe you cut down that tree!   I miss Joe.

Dear Lady in Dollar General:
I’ve never seen anyone scared of an ant.   I’m kinda that way with spiders, but…not one little ant.

Dear Man in Madison WalMart:
Seriously…did you think you were only going to crop dust?   That reverberated all over the pet food section…are you hard of hearing?!  

Dear Low Carb:
I haven’t seen you in a little while, and the scales told on me this morning!  Lesson relearned…to lean on Jesus and not rely on my own strength.

Dear Great Smoky Mountains:
I do hear you calling my name…I’m plotting and planning to see you again.

Dear Copier:
Very funny…jamming like that…and on a Monday, too. 

Dear Paycheck:
You never quite seem to stick around long enough. 

Dear Debit Card:
Maybe if I didn’t use you so much, Mr. Paycheck would stick around a little longer, yes?


  1. I was just wondering yesterday about how your eating/WL was going.

    When you figure out how one goes from victory to struggle, let me know. It always seems so clear to me when I'm riding high, basking in the gift of faith and enthusiasm. It's all Jesus. A free gift. Just lean on Him.

    But then what happens? It doesn't seem to me that my "faith" changes. I still believe/know what I've always believed/known. It really is a puzzle to me that I now refer to as the "flipping of the switch."

    Not that I'm saying you've experienced that kind of struggle, but there has been a change from one way of eating to another and weight gain. (Of course your gain could be half a pound.)

    Let me know your insight into what seems to be a mystery to me. I think I'm going to start a new MH diagnosis--WL bipolar disorder.



  2. I LOVE THIS! You do these wonderfully! Thanks!! Hugs!


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