Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday's Thoughts: The Paula Vs Kanye Edition

Dear Paula Deen: 
I don’t know your heart.  I don’t know if you are racist.  I know I wouldn’t want to be judged on things I said a long time ago.  I don’t think blaming southern culture is a valid excuse for being offensive and derogatory to anyone, but I do agree that the 60’s were a different decade.   You are paying dearly for your mistakes…but is America being fair to you?   Perhaps had your name been Kanyette West…

Dear Parents:
If you are allowing your youngsters to listen to Kanye West, I am almost certain you have no idea what he is saying to your kids.   (If you are aware, shame on you!)  One of the things he says in current songs is what Paula Deen claims she said decades ago, yet she is being hunted down by a lynch mob.   But that derogatory term is the least of the vomit he spews.   It’s so vile, I do not recommend you Google the lyrics…but they are easily found if you decide to see for yourself.

Dear Kanye West:  
What we have here is a failure to musicate.  You are a moral outrage; a severe detriment to our society. 

Dear Mainstream Media:
Why not at least pretend to be fair?   You glorify the antics of the likes of Kanye…and crucify the likes of Paula Deen.  Maybe you need to Google the lyrics.  

Dear America:
Let me see if I have this right…if I make abhorrent noise that I call music (though it is nothing like music), and attach vile words to it, you will call me talented, make me rich famous, and turn your deaf ear to the abhorrent lines I am spewing?  I suppose you’ve already proved white women in the 60’s can’t say what Kanye says today.

Dear Outraged Reader (those of you who may be outraged, that is):
I do not condone Paula’s comments any more than I condone Kanye’s lyrics.   But if one should be crucified, so should the other.   In fact, I’m a little outraged myself that Kanye is…is…whatever he is…and still going strong.


  1. Valid points. Being a Yankee, I wondered if, perhaps, southern states had a different familiarity with the use of certain derogatory words than we do here.

    For instance, here you're more likely to hear "dago" substituted for Italian by people who are otherwise inoffensive in their speech.

    I am certainly NOT excusing Paula. Not at all. In fact, I have personally never, I mean never, called anyone a nigger. Not to their face, not about anyone in private. Never. The only time I've ever used that word is in the context in which I have just used it.

    But I wonder, if being from the North, makes a difference there. And 50 years of increased enlightenment and sensitivity. Ya know?

    As far as Kanye goes. Well. (Again, not excusing his lyrics or language!!!) but he's black. I've been in conversation, more than once, with someone who is black and heard him/her describe another black person as "nothin' but a nigger."

    The first time that happened, I think my gasp sucked all of the air out of the room. :} I know full well, however, if I had said the same thing to the same person, that person would have been deeply hurt and offended. I'm white. It makes a difference. Sort of.

    Again, not saying it's okay.

    My father, whose first language was Italian, forbid the use of racial or ethnic slurs in our home. It was a big deal for reasons I won't go into here, but as huge as that rule was in our home, I often heard him and his Italian buddies call each other a dago. And laugh.

    They could do it, because they were Italian--any other person would have...ummm...experienced consequences.

    That said. Kanye West's song lyrics are an abomination. Pure and simple. I fear for our young people listening to that garbage. No wonder the level of disrespect that comes from our teens is so high. I fear for their future...and ours.

    Back to Paula for a moment. I've never been fond of her. I have always found her to be fairly vulgar and over the top. Despite that, I do feel sympathy for her and think, as you do, that the backlash is extreme. I wonder what that is really about.


  2. I was raised in the North (mostly), by all Souterners. Your points are valid, and I agree. Thank you for saying things that need to be said and heard.

  3. "Margaret's Musings" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  4. you go girl but agree 100%....being on the border of the south it aggravates me when that word is used among each other and it is ok.....if its derogatory for one it is for all.

  5. another great post. I found you during the a-z challenge in April, but am just now getting around to checking out many of the blogs I decided to follow at that time. (I looked for other believers.) You make great points in so many of these social issues. I am in line with you. Come visit me, if you'd like:


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