Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Whacky World Edition

It has occurred to me that there are some really twisted views in today’s “real world.”  Common sense has taken a nose dive off of the edge of the earth, or at least Mount Kilimanjaro, and I wonder what’s to become of our children growing up.   What kind of scars must a little boy have who was suspended because his nibbled Pop Tart looked like a gun to someone?   How confusing is it for a three year old deaf boy who must change his name because someone thought the sign resembled a gun?   Second graders suspended for pointing their pencils!  Nurf guns caused an uproar…and a few suspensions…and may I say they look absolutely like a toy?   A five year old with a cap gun at school?  Suspended.  A five year old!
Really?  Idiocy!
Something is out of whack!
And “whack” it is, my friends,
to think that law breakers will follow laws.

“Gun” is not a bad word!  Perhaps gun opposers are trying to scare (and scar) our little ones, so that they can wipe out our Second Amendment Rights altogether?  

When I was in school, teachers and parents alike reminded us that if we screwed up, it would be on our “permanent record.”   I wasn’t sure what that was, but I envisioned a huge, very scary, filing cabinet in a darkened, dusty, cobwebby room, where my every deed was recorded to follow me for the rest of my life!   These days, I suppose Facebook and other social networking media has taken the place of the “Permanent Record.”   I can’t help but feel sorry for some of these young’uns…because once it’s out there, it’s out there…like a dandelion in the wind, it ain’t coming back.    

And what’s up with the overuse of the word “hate?”   If you don’t agree with someone’s stance on a controversial issue…you’re a hater.   Heaven forbid you bring the Bible.   Christians can’t even seem to agree of some of today’s biggest concerns, and when you look around, those who should be set apart look amazingly like the ones who are “loster’n a goose” as one former Shoals pastor liked to say.   (Translation:  Lost as a goose for you non-southerners.)

And since when does anyone have the right to never be disrespected?   If you say something they don’t like, you are “dissing” them.   They somehow miss that they are being totally disrespectful themselves.  

Speaking of disrespect…we have a president who is under fire for the misdeeds of his administration and those agencies under him.  Yes, we have a problem…but is disrespecting the office of the president going to change anything?   Absolutely not.   Instead of the jokes, the haranguing,  criticisms, and…well, disrespect…we should be praying, and praying hard, for our country and our leaders.   The Bible is clear on respecting authority, and if the good people of America want change, they simply must remember that they won’t get it by murmuring and complaining.  If you can't respect the man, you should respect the office.

Aren’t you glad…if you are still reading…that I have reached the 500 word mark?


  1. You have many good points here! Amen.

  2. I was full-throttle with you until we got to the president's paragraph. While I DO often feel a great deal of dismay when someone--especially Christians who should know better--are hateful and derisive in their remarks about the president, and have said it to the "offender" on several occasions, this president deserves criticism. Not hateful, abusive criticism, but criticism nonetheless.

    Margaret, "misdeeds of his administration"? HIS would be he operative word here. He is, indeed, responsible for HIS administration. Those particular people answer directly to him, were chosen by him--and follow his direction. Nope. It's on Pres. Obama.

    He is not a hapless teenager helping out in the nursery. He is the one in charge.

    Besides that, it stretches reason beyond my ability to accept that he was not aware ofmuch of what has happened. Not only does he set the tone, but as far as the IRS goes--his Chief of Staff and his Chief Counsel (attorney) KNEW. It's there job to tell him those things. If they did not, then he set the parameters on what he did--and did not--want to know.

    No. Poisonous, hateful speech against the president is denounced in the Bible. Truth and accountability are not. O'bama is not a ditzy parent who didn't realize that her 12 year old was out stealing the neighbors trash cans at midnight. If he is, he's got the wrong job.

    And we need to pray for him, that's for sure.


    No time to spellcheck. Sorry

    1. I was certain the first time he was elected that he had the wrong job! I agree with all that you've said...the president should be held accountable, definitely. People have a reason to be upset, worried and disappointed with who's in charge and the scandals that are popping up almost daily. We also all have a right to express those concerns, respectfully, prayerfully, and when needed (and I think such a time is upon us) taking matters to a legal authority for a full investigation and processes that follow such an investigation up to and including impeachment if findings warrant such a thing.

      Now, to admit my own hypocrisy, I found myself getting on a roll about Obamacare today...shame on me!


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