Friday, July 19, 2013

My Day on a Fork

I ate the fork!   A small piece of it anyway.   It was plastic…I don’t think I’ll die.   At least I didn’t eat the bones.  Don’t ask how it happened.   It ain’t pretty, nor is it exciting.

I have mentioned before that I deleted my account with Huffington Post because they are so biased.   (I’m biased, too, but I’m partial to my own biases.)   I now have an account at the Christian Post, and I have found out that commenters are the same everywhere.   Opinions get in the way of facts, and facts are often so stretched they are no longer “fact.”   Some people also feel compelled to be sure that you agree with them precisely; general agreement is not enough!

I applied to be a blogger at Christian Post.   I thought I was registering, but I was actually applying.   Had I realized that, I may have backed off the “Brown Recluse” moniker.   Do you think it creeped anyone out?  Heheh.  They don’t accept everyone, as it turns out, including me.  I would have reapplied, but they are too smart for me.   Now when I click on the link, it goes nowhere.   Maybe they know the ol’ Brown Recluse has nothing much to say…or maybe they know I like the word “ain’t.”   It ain’t fair, I tell you.  One thing I really wanted to blog about in depth on the Christian Post that I don’t do here is my weight loss journey, learning to trust God and do His will over my own, and how that's the only way I have success on this venture.   

Can I tell you a semi-secret about myself?  I can write all day long, but when I come across long posts like mine, I sometimes have a very hard time focusing all the way through.  My brain usually has 25 different thought processes going at any one time.  Reading can be a self-inflicted challenge if my attention isn’t grabbed immediately.

I’ve been writing on this entry all day.   
I guess it’s time to call it done and post!
I hope your weekend is grand.  


  1. Did the Post tell you why you were turned down? Curious. Since you clearly espouise Christian views, that shouldn't be the problme. I can't help but wonder if--and I rarely, rarely, rarely jump to this particular suspicion---if they thought the "Brown" was a racial indicator.

    I hope not.


    1. They did as for a link to my website, but that doesn't mean they looked. I used my full name to register/apply, and Brown Recluse as the blog, the name may not have been a factor a'tall.

  2. Screw 'em. I think you have a lot to say. And I ain't kidding. ;)

  3. I can write all day too. Hours go by and I'm still in my pjs. It's pathetic. :-)


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