Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh, The Sticky Web

I got caught in the web!  I was totally unaware that I was snared until I was completely nestled deep in the cocoon of that familiar place called Binge, the pit I called "Home" for years.   Excuses?   Yeah, I have them, a whole list!
  • I relaxed on not eating carbs.
  • I suffered a stress fracture and an arthritically painful ankle joint, which kept me from walking.
  • I ate sugar, thinking that I was strong enough to walk on the edge of addiction and not fall in.
  • I fell in.  
  • I thought I’d pulled myself out until…
  • Someone hurt my feelings.  It felt a lot better to eat than to not eat…especially since I was already in the pit.
The 90 pounds I had previously is less than 80 now.
I am refusing to weigh for a few days.

One thing I’ve noticed on this downward spiral is that not only did my old eating habits come back full force (a place I NEVER thought I’d be again) but so did my “stinking thinking.”    I didn’t binge every day these past weeks, but I relied on myself to climb out of this pit, and it’s too slippery a slope for me to get out on my own strength.

I’m back at Square One, 
and that’s a much better place to be than the pit.  

I wanted so much to believe that I could have my sugar and eat it, too...but at this point I don't think I can.  I feel better physically, I am in a better mental place when I am sugar free.  One year ago, I would have told you that giving up sugar was NOT was the staple of my diet!  I have since changed my mind.  If you are struggling with your weight, I implore you to seek Christ first...He is your answer...and listen when you start getting the answers you seek.   You may not like it (at first).  I rebelled against giving up sugar for years!  It really is worth it.

In April, I wrote the following "Zingers."  I have added one at the bottom and reposted today.   

  • It’s going to take more time than you planned for or wanted it to.
  • If you weigh every day, be prepared for fluctuations and say no to discouragement.  Patience is vitally important.
  • You may possibly temporarily gain weight with exercise.
  • There will be days you don’t do everything “right.”
  • There will be days you don’t do anything “right.”
  • If you rely on your own strength, you will invariably struggle.
  • If you rely on God’s strength, you can pick up on Monday where you left off on Friday…after that weekend food-fest.   And He will help you to overcome those overdone weekends and/or nights.
  • God hears every prayer for freedom, but He requires you to believe that you have what He has already paid for with the blood of His son, our precious Jesus.
  • You will hit plateaus.
  • Some plateaus last a long time.   Again, patience.
  • You may need to give up sugar.  It certainly helped me.
  • You can do this…even if you need to lose 175 pounds.
  • You don’t have to wait until Monday to start.
  • You don’t have to wait until tomorrow to restart.
  • When you fall (and you probably will), reach for Jesus, He is your Rock.


  1. :D God is so good!

    Yesterday afternoon, God gave me the secret to my out of control eating. I was going to post it right then (I have impulsivity issues. snicker), but felt that I needed to wait until you posted something.


    In a word, my problem is "self-reliance" rather than relying on God. haha. I see God has given you the same song, although perhaps a different verse.

    I'll try to post mine now. (I did write it yesterday, just need to edit.)



  2. Great post; wise and genuine.

  3. I keep trying and you keep encouraging.

  4. so great. I've battled weight all my life, and finally read "Thin Within", which is based on biblical truths when dealing with weight issues. You are so right that overeating/eating badly is a spiritual issue. I had no success until I realized this. I lost about 15 lbs. a few years ago, due to that change of thinking. I've since gained about 10 of it back b/c I've gotten lazy and not paid attention. But I'm starting over. Which is what redemption is all about. :-)


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