Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Long Weekend...

I have an excuse to add to my list on the previous post:   I am 95% sure I broke my little toe this morning, same foot, by kicking the bed post.   I am in pain.   Painful pain!   And yesterday, I said I wasn't going to weigh for a few days...I did.   Pounds gained since mid May:  13.  But it will not go any further.  I am free and I do not have to continue to binge.  'Nuff said.

I had four days off for Independence Day.   Ole Boy and I had intended to go out of town to see a light show in Nashville at the botanical garden, but it was raining with no end in sight, so we stuck around North Alabama and Southern Tennessee.   I took pictures!   Enjoy....

 photo 20130707_113_zps183f392e.jpg
Wilson Dam/Renaissance Tower
(Florence, AL)

 photo 20130707_123_zpsd74c79b5.jpg
I love dragonflies!  (TVA Reservation)

 photo 20130707_134_zps1f977a4c.jpg
 Snakes...not so much
(TVA Reservation)

 photo 20130707_11_zpsfe3655ba.jpg
High atop Monte Sano (Huntsville, AL)
 photo 20130707_9_zpsdf486de2.jpg

 photo 20130707_16_zps1e633f9f.jpg
 Flowers on Monte Sano
 photo 20130707_12_zps583b35d5.jpg

 photo 20130707_110_zps14d0f7b9.jpg
David Crockett State Park, Lawrenceburg, TN
 photo 20130707_106_zps1b3c31ec.jpg

  photo 20130707_93_zpsb579c738.jpg

  photo 20130707_69_zpsd6ee1d4f.jpg
Crockett Park (Lawrenceburg, TN)

 photo 20130707_72_zps3b562878.jpg
 Covered Bridge, Crockett Park (Lawrenceburg, TN)

  photo 20130707_25_zps3e842b59.jpg
 photo 20130707_90_zps6a12d99b.jpg
 Passion Flower (Crockett Park)
 photo 20130707_48_zps9703d6d7.jpg
David Crockett Museum

     photo 20130707_47_zps5560c91e.jpg         


  1. Toe. Oh, no! :o Slamming a toe like that really hurts when it's not hard enough to break--you must have seen stars. :(

    Photos. What beautiful pictures! Loved the views from the mountain top and the rushing streams. :)

    The journey up a mountain is strenuous. Even in a car, we can hear that it's working hard to get us up there. But the view from the mountaintop is an exhilarating, freedom filled experience. One can see so far and behold God's glorious creation. And knowing that we're a part of that...and He sees us, knows us. Words really can't describe it.

    I've been praying for us these three days, Margaret. The mountain top is in view. Our miracle is on the way. Keep on. The view is sure to be spectacular...any minute now.


  2. you had God's light show and all his beauty which to me is better than one in Nashville. so much beauty so little time to enjoy. from the first photo i thought it was the space needle in Seattle and you had gone there.. LOL... you are so right, i will never mention any house work one by hubby that is not right... at least he tries.... i was not always this understanding, when i was YOUNG... age has made me look at things a different way... since my clock is counting down down down, I am 2 months from 69 and decided to enjoy life and not sweat the small stuff.

  3. Oh no, not the toe!
    I see I'll have to get a different system. I was clicking on your Facebook links to read your posts... and I missed these last two. :-(
    I'm so sorry you've been struggling. But it looks like you are back on track, and God has met you. And you are right , this is not a "perfect" journey.

    There are times when I wonder if a "little" sugar/starches here and there wouldn't hurt. But wanted to wait until closer to goal to test that theory. Um... maybe there are just some things better left alone. At least, that's what I'm thinking now. And in the foreseeable future! :-}

    I hope your poor toe heals swiftly!

  4. sorry about your toe...been there....beautiful pics


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