Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Whack, Oh!

I trimmed my bangs, and boy, did I!  They are too short to fix and too short to disguise the whack-job I performed.   I look like the pictures my mom has of herself when she was in elementary school.   I don’t look that young, unfortunately.   I just look like a redneck.  Really.

Once upon a time, I was an impetuous chick, outspoken and often brash, and I said what I thought.   (Thankfully, those days were pre-blogosphere, so there’s no proof I said those things.) These days, I am more aware of the fact that not everyone thinks like I do, and I do not want to offend people I genuinely like, who think differently than I do.    I don’t even know 1) if they read this blog, 2) if they would be offended because my opinion is different than theirs, or 3) if they think I’m whacky. 

People do have a way of getting bent out of shape when you don’t see things the same way they do.   If you have any doubts about that statement, go to any web news site and pick an article about a controversial topic, and read the comments.   Oy vey!  I usually have to stop reading comments because those folks are worse whack jobs than my bangs.

I have been losing the weight I regained.   It’s a slow process…slower because I tend to eat more over the weekend, but no sugar.  Sugar is whack!  It is for me, anyway.   I thank the Lord with all my heart for getting it though my thick skull that sugar is not my friend.   August 13 will be one year exactly, and I plan to have lost 100 pounds by then.   I will still have weight I want to lose after that milestone.   I’m not going to stress/obsess over it.   I’ve done enough of that to last four lifetimes.    Food obsession is whack!

What exactly does “no sugar” mean?   For me, it generally means no cookies, cake, or candy of the sugar variety.   (I do eat sugar-free treats, and I am able to stop on one serving.  For some reason, one piece of cake or one chocolate chip cookie sets me on a sugar grazing trajectory that culminates in a two day…or two week…binge.   It shouldn’t be that way, but I can’t deny that it is.  That’s whack!

Getting older is whack, too.  My hair!  It used to be beautiful, now it…you guessed it!  It’s Whacky!  Frizzy, thinning, and gray if I give it have a chance to grow some uncolored roots.  My skin!  Pores the size of craters, and lines that cannot be concealed.    And now that I’ve lost weight, I have sags and bags…what’s a whacked-up chick to do?   “They” say exercise will help the sags.   I have to say I don’t want to exercise unless I know for a fact it will help.  Exercise is whack!

That's all the whack-oh words I have for today.


  1. Enjoyed your post today! You had me grinning over all the whack stuff.

    And LOVE LOVE LOVED the artwork. In fact, I was so taken, I did a reverse google image search, and found it was by Canadian Christian artist Jasmin Aldin. If you'd like to see more, here's a great link with images, and includes her story: http://www.saatchionline.com/Jasmin

    Thanks for posting it, I enjoyed seeing her art. One idea, it would nice if you'd put a little credit/link under the image to her site. You probably didn't know where it came from... so many times an image floats around, and it's hard to know who originally created it. I've had that happen to my art, too, so I understand. :-)

    1. Done and done! Wowow! Thank you for finding her for me...I really love her stuff, and did not even know who did the artwork! Now, how do you "reverse google image search?" That would be handy to know.

    2. You just go to Google images search page; at the right side of the blank space where you usually write what you are searching for, you'll see a tiny camera icon; click on that, and you get the page where you can click on "upload an image".

      I had copied the image you posted, and saved it on my computer. So I just uploaded it, and Google uses software similar to facial recognition technology to bring up anything it's computer thinks is similar. Faster than it took to write it out... easy peasy! :-D

    3. Thank you very much!!! Will use this info.

    4. The Trail of Tears used 2 of my pictures from the Walk to Tuscumbia as their own. Don't mind anything being used if it helps the Shoals, but at least say where you got it.
      I just turned 60. somehow I don't feel a day over 59.

  2. The aging whack. Sigh. You ain't seen nothin yet. :{

    The artwork. I loved it at first sight, too! I'm not surprised that it is by a Christian artist. It had that feel to it.

    Haha. Does that sound weird? shrug. Sometimes when I look at a piece of art I get an instant feeling that the creative force is either holy or evil. That always surprises me so I often research the piece just to see...and then am more surprised to find that I was right.

    The last bit of art I looked at gave me a distinct feel that it was demonic. When I looked up the artist's web page, the title of the work was "Goddess". Well, okay then.

    Thanks for doing the research for me. I'm so pleased to see I got the vibes right. :) With all of those eyes and faces, I wouldn't have thought it was a Christian work. Just goes to show that sometimes unbidden feelings (discernment?) are truer than logical thoughts.

    I'm gonna see if I can find that art as a print. :D


    1. Well, Loretta did the work...I didn't even know there was such a thing as reverse image search!


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