Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Musings: The "It Makes Me Shudder" edition

Dear Miley Cyrus:
I’m embarrassed for you.  Certainly what little bit of self-respect you had left took a hike during the VMA show last night.   What a completely unnecessary spectacle you are the morning after that distasteful presentation.   Thankfully, I didn’t see it live, and I only caught a small clip before clicking off of the trash you called a performance. ::::shudder::::

You were already famous…you didn’t have to pull a lady gag-gag to get attention.   You were a pretty girl and a talented performer.  You are not handling the transition from child star to adulthood very well.    Here’s an idea for you…take a break, a good long break, and see if you can find your sanity.   The world doesn’t need one more trash bag.  How about being a role model instead of being just plain shameful?  You can be much better than this.  

Dear Billy Ray,
Bless your achy breaky heart.   After last night, we realize just why your heart hurts.

Dear VMA  Show:
Why didn’t someone break to a commercial and stop this girl from publicly humiliating herself?   Even if this morning she’s not embarrassed, one day I have no doubt that she will be.

Dear Lady Gag-Gag:
You make me ::::shudder:::: with repulsion.   Put some clothes on!

Dear MTV:
Once upon a time, you actually were a viable source of entertainment.   Now, you are a detriment to our society.  All society.    


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Whys

Why is McDonald’s so popular?

Why, if I eat breakfast at Jack's every day for a week, I gain weight, but my coworker can eat breakfast at McDonald's every day and never gain an ounce?

Why do I have a harder time forgiving someone who hurt my child, rather than just hurting me?

Why would Jane Fonda be cast as Nancy Reagan…of all people, Jane Fonda?!

Why are the books much better than the movies?

Why do I know so much about (certain) celebrities, and practically nothing about my next door neighbors?

Why do my natural instincts want to rebel at going to see "The Butler," even though I feel it would be a very good movie.

Why do movies cost so much?!!   I'd almost have to take out a loan if I were to take all my angels to a movie, and if it's 3D, I feel I need to take out a second mortgage.

Why do I have the urge to completely revamp this blog?   Probably going to happen!

Happy Hump Day

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Capricious Contemplations on a Whimsical Wednesday

If UNA keeps painting those parking lines each year, one day they’ll have curbs for stripes.
The “man on the bench” in North Florence, in front of McDonalds, if you’ve been by there on an early morning (or often late afternoon) you’ve seen him.   He waves at the drivers who wave at him, until lately.   He’s found him a chick to sit with him.  He now completely ignores all the waving drivers…it’s kinda cute.
TRESemme’ extra firm flexible hold?   Don’t believe a word of it.  Not flexible…STIFF!
Oprah’s racism story?  Even as she stated it, right before she cried “racism,” the story didn’t sound racist at all.   Switzerland apologized, but the clerk says the details didn’t go down quite like Oprah claims…and I believe the clerk, mostly because the story Oprah related just wasn’t racist.   At the least, if it happened the way Oprah claims, but the shopkeeper denies, the clerk was being a little snobby, not racist.  I am weary of the over use of words such as “hater” and “racism” when in fact, it’s neither hate or racist.   I’m not saying hate and racism doesn’t exist, it does, just not nearly as much as the accusations would suggest.  Oprah has now apologized that it got blown up…seriously?  What did she expect?   I think pretty much what she got was what she hoped for.  
I was at a place I hadn’t intended on being.   I had other plans that got suddenly changed.   While I was there, a lady showed up for just a minute, and I realized that I was still harboring some unforgiveness toward her when I couldn’t even look at her, much less speak.   God probably had arranged that meeting, because the timing was pretty much perfect.   Forgiveness ain’t my strongpoint.  

Time to go to work…

Monday, August 5, 2013

Boys and Hair Bows

Maybe it’s just me.  I just don’t believe I would have told this story in such a public manner, if only for the sake of my child.

Read Story Here if by some slim chance you missed it.

I can understand taking action against the idiot who confronted her, but I can't understand why a mother would want to post this story in such a public way for the future humiliation of her son, complete with pictures and his name.   If she had never made such a big deal about it, the boy would have long forgotten the incident.  Instead, now the family is (according to the author) being harassed and bullied, and it could have been avoided by just going to the police in the first place, instead of repeatedly publicizing it .  Since the other Walmart customers who witnessed the encounter did not "offer support or console" them," I can't help but wonder if the story is exaggerated a bit (hopefully not for the sake of more blog traffic at the expense of her son).  It does look as if she's sensationalizing it.

Folks tend to remember blown-up stories.   Can’t you imagine some yay-hoo telling their first grader (who’s a bully, but mom doesn’t realize that), “Hey that’s the kid who wore the pink flower hairband in Walmart and his mom told the whole world about it…”  A happy school year would just be over for Dexter.   Wouldn’t the poor child would be mortified to have the pink flower hairband story follow him all through elementary school?

Again, maybe it’s just me.  Some things are better left untold to the world.

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