Monday, August 5, 2013

Boys and Hair Bows

Maybe it’s just me.  I just don’t believe I would have told this story in such a public manner, if only for the sake of my child.

Read Story Here if by some slim chance you missed it.

I can understand taking action against the idiot who confronted her, but I can't understand why a mother would want to post this story in such a public way for the future humiliation of her son, complete with pictures and his name.   If she had never made such a big deal about it, the boy would have long forgotten the incident.  Instead, now the family is (according to the author) being harassed and bullied, and it could have been avoided by just going to the police in the first place, instead of repeatedly publicizing it .  Since the other Walmart customers who witnessed the encounter did not "offer support or console" them," I can't help but wonder if the story is exaggerated a bit (hopefully not for the sake of more blog traffic at the expense of her son).  It does look as if she's sensationalizing it.

Folks tend to remember blown-up stories.   Can’t you imagine some yay-hoo telling their first grader (who’s a bully, but mom doesn’t realize that), “Hey that’s the kid who wore the pink flower hairband in Walmart and his mom told the whole world about it…”  A happy school year would just be over for Dexter.   Wouldn’t the poor child would be mortified to have the pink flower hairband story follow him all through elementary school?

Again, maybe it’s just me.  Some things are better left untold to the world.


  1. It's not you.

    First, the man involved was a jerk. And his actions were inexcusable even if he thought he was being funny.


    This mom set her child up to be ridiculed, teased and laughed at. Right there, at the age of two, in Walmart. She willingly made him a target.

    His mom is clearly not dim-witted so, as I read, I had to wonder how she could have thought taking a little boy into a store with a hideous pink flower hairband in his hair would NOT draw negative attention.

    The answer is in the bottom third of her article. Her soap box speech/indignation reveals the tale.

    She's ever so proud o her broadminded acceptance, her stellar ability to raise above the narrow-minded bigots of the world who believe in things like traditional marriage and remember the definition of perversion--even if her nobility causes her son emotional wounds he's not ready to deal with or understand.

    It's quite clear that this mom is proud of herself and willing to make her little son into a little trophy, testament to her commitment to "fairness."

    If this young woman wants to take it on the chin to prove her enlightenment, so be it. But it is a parent's job to do all they can to protect their children from abuse, not set them up for it.

    Her rant about the buffoon who behaved so shamefully towards her son should have included personal remorse for being so blinded by her own cause that she used her little son as Exhibit A for her political correctness.

    Uh-hmm. Sorry about the rant, Margaret. That article riled me up on so many levels, it's all I can do to stop now!

    1. Thanks, Deb. This is a very thought-provoking comment, and I agree!

  2. Over half her blog was dedicated to telling how open minded she is. I'm mainly asking why a man in Walmart even noticed? Have you been to Walmart recently? And at age two, couldn't he have been a little girl in some generic clothes? She says the man was on the tipsy side, so perhaps that's why he felt free to ask. It will be interesting to see what comes of it.

    1. Apparently some younger girls had asked if he was a boy or a girl...being dressed in boy clothes, but with a girl's headband. The man overheard the conversation and that's how he got involved. Supposedly.


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