Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Capricious Contemplations on a Whimsical Wednesday

If UNA keeps painting those parking lines each year, one day they’ll have curbs for stripes.
The “man on the bench” in North Florence, in front of McDonalds, if you’ve been by there on an early morning (or often late afternoon) you’ve seen him.   He waves at the drivers who wave at him, until lately.   He’s found him a chick to sit with him.  He now completely ignores all the waving drivers…it’s kinda cute.
TRESemme’ extra firm flexible hold?   Don’t believe a word of it.  Not flexible…STIFF!
Oprah’s racism story?  Even as she stated it, right before she cried “racism,” the story didn’t sound racist at all.   Switzerland apologized, but the clerk says the details didn’t go down quite like Oprah claims…and I believe the clerk, mostly because the story Oprah related just wasn’t racist.   At the least, if it happened the way Oprah claims, but the shopkeeper denies, the clerk was being a little snobby, not racist.  I am weary of the over use of words such as “hater” and “racism” when in fact, it’s neither hate or racist.   I’m not saying hate and racism doesn’t exist, it does, just not nearly as much as the accusations would suggest.  Oprah has now apologized that it got blown up…seriously?  What did she expect?   I think pretty much what she got was what she hoped for.  
I was at a place I hadn’t intended on being.   I had other plans that got suddenly changed.   While I was there, a lady showed up for just a minute, and I realized that I was still harboring some unforgiveness toward her when I couldn’t even look at her, much less speak.   God probably had arranged that meeting, because the timing was pretty much perfect.   Forgiveness ain’t my strongpoint.  

Time to go to work…


  1. I dunno, Margaret. Re: Oprah's experience. I'm thinking that the clerk sized up the black woman, who by Oprah's account, was not wearing clothes that were outrageously expensive, and decided that she didn't look like she could afford a purse that cost almost $40,000.

    I had the same experience once on a much reduced scale. :} I was at Sears of all places, and paused to look at some diamond rings as I passed the case. One caught my eye, so I decided to ask the clerk to take it out for me.

    I was fat and had on jeans and a t-shirt. No makeup, no jewelry. I did mention--> I was FAT, right?

    The clerk walked passed me several times, and I'd look up expectantly, but she avoided my eyes, as she went to more stylish customers. I didn't catch on until she passed me the THIRD time.

    Annoyed, on her fourth pass, I said "EXCUSE me, but do you work here?" She said, "Oh. Do you want to BUY something?" I was so annoyed. I can't remember what I replied, but rest assured it wasn't my best Christ-like response.

    Some fat women can look stylish and shiny while dressed casually, despite their weight. I am not one of them. Ha. And I don't pull out the "stylish and shiny" effort to shop at Sears.

    I truly have no doubt that the clerk sized me up and decided I was not worth her time. That I was just looking and would not, could not, buy.

    I've seen photos of Oprah, caught unaware. She doesn't glam up when she's out schlepping around. I think the clerk DID dismiss Oprah because of how she looked, and race certainly had a part in the clerk's assessment.

    Shrug. But who knows. The clerk certainly wouldn't admit to it now.

  2. Ha! She definitely wouldn't admit to it now! I think she was being snotty/snobby for sure. Like you said...who knows? Besides her and the Good Lord, that is.

    Can discrimination against obesity be considered racist? Probably not. But, discrimination is discrimination...

  3. I must have missed the whole thing.....first I've heard.
    It's always best not to judge people but I'm afraid we all tend to do that - at least a little bit. Good for you in mending that relationship. Dealing with people and relationships can be so sticky!!


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