Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Musings: The "It Makes Me Shudder" edition

Dear Miley Cyrus:
I’m embarrassed for you.  Certainly what little bit of self-respect you had left took a hike during the VMA show last night.   What a completely unnecessary spectacle you are the morning after that distasteful presentation.   Thankfully, I didn’t see it live, and I only caught a small clip before clicking off of the trash you called a performance. ::::shudder::::

You were already famous…you didn’t have to pull a lady gag-gag to get attention.   You were a pretty girl and a talented performer.  You are not handling the transition from child star to adulthood very well.    Here’s an idea for you…take a break, a good long break, and see if you can find your sanity.   The world doesn’t need one more trash bag.  How about being a role model instead of being just plain shameful?  You can be much better than this.  

Dear Billy Ray,
Bless your achy breaky heart.   After last night, we realize just why your heart hurts.

Dear VMA  Show:
Why didn’t someone break to a commercial and stop this girl from publicly humiliating herself?   Even if this morning she’s not embarrassed, one day I have no doubt that she will be.

Dear Lady Gag-Gag:
You make me ::::shudder:::: with repulsion.   Put some clothes on!

Dear MTV:
Once upon a time, you actually were a viable source of entertainment.   Now, you are a detriment to our society.  All society.    



  1. I saw the video from last night and now I think Billy Ray isn't her daddy. Gene Simmons is. That was pretty disgusting.

  2. Hmmm. Didn't see it, but now have to find it on the net.

    I suspect that Billy Ray has been much more to Miley than a daddy ever should have been. Much more. Which would explain a lot.


    1. probably don't want to see it! I fear Miley is heading the way of Lindsey Lohan.

  3. I so agree! It's a shame that all young women stars think they have to turn trashy to transition into adulthood. Our young girls are inundated with this crap, and it makes it very hard for them to grow up modestly and having respect for their bodies. Just sad.


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