Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Whys

Why is McDonald’s so popular?

Why, if I eat breakfast at Jack's every day for a week, I gain weight, but my coworker can eat breakfast at McDonald's every day and never gain an ounce?

Why do I have a harder time forgiving someone who hurt my child, rather than just hurting me?

Why would Jane Fonda be cast as Nancy Reagan…of all people, Jane Fonda?!

Why are the books much better than the movies?

Why do I know so much about (certain) celebrities, and practically nothing about my next door neighbors?

Why do my natural instincts want to rebel at going to see "The Butler," even though I feel it would be a very good movie.

Why do movies cost so much?!!   I'd almost have to take out a loan if I were to take all my angels to a movie, and if it's 3D, I feel I need to take out a second mortgage.

Why do I have the urge to completely revamp this blog?   Probably going to happen!

Happy Hump Day


  1. I saw a critique of Butler on fox. They ointed out many inaccuracies and downright fictional events that they fear the audience will believe actually happened. There is a disclaimer that the movie is a fictionalized version, but Fox thinks people may walk away not realizing what was fiction and what was real.

  2. I enjoy you musings...we think vey much alike!

  3. I did not want to write this as a comment on your blog because it could open a can of worms that I dont have the energy to defend but you convinced me in the email.... I went and saw "The Butler" and am sorry I did because I hated to support something that is going to encourage racism instead of make it better. I dont mean white on black racism , I mean black on white racism. The actors were great and if they had showed more equality in the current day and age I would feel better. It made it obvious that Obama only won presidency over his color and made me leave thinking America is a sad country when the president is elected on color and not merit, experience or education.

    My opinion... it was our ancestors that were wrong. We have changed. We are an equal country regardless of what is said...yes we still have racism but it is in more forms than just white on black. This movie will do nothing to make things better in this country right now.

    It was promoted as being a love story on The View between husband and wife...NOPERS ...It was a ploy to get more people in the theaters.

    Of course, my opinion.

  4. McDonald's biscuits have 500% more grease than Jack's. Eggs are similar. I'm betting your co-worker has good genes.

    Movies are usually dumbed down. Sad, but true.

  5. Jane Fonda? Don't get me started... :)

    1. She is the first reason I won't be seeing the movie...Oprah is another. Then...what Becky (above) said...

  6. I hesitated to see the The Butler too...but it's very good. Fonda is only on screen a few minutes, so it's tolerable. I was happily surprised to see that the white presidents were not all portrayed as bad. They all had their weaknesses, but strengths too. The main character is a peaceful character, not the angry black man (his son is that character.) It's an interesting story, not intended to be portrayed as all fact.


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