Monday, September 16, 2013

I Now Have The Answer...

Sometimes I question myself on my “Dear So-n-So” entries.   I wonder if I am being unchristian-like in my sometimes pointed, sometimes fun-poking questions and statements.   The jury is out…I don’t have the answer on that.   What do you think?

What I do have the answer on is sugar.

It’s not like I didn’t have the answer some months ago.   But now…I feel the answer is reinforced.   When I look back over my now-defunct “diet” journal from last year, two things I was certain of:   I couldn’t eat sugar without repercussions, and I was being obedient to God when I abstained from it.  God made a way out for me and it’s up to me to choose the path He so graciously supplied; to choose, and to be thankful that I do, indeed, have an escape. 

I have been struggling (and gaining weight) because I allowed myself to fall for the ole “you can have a little” trick.  I now have made a commitment to abstain from sugar/bread for one solid week.  I have to clarify, and say that I do not plan to ever have sugar again, but because I have struggled with it so, I am committing to one week, and prayerfully believing that I will be “detoxed” from the poison that sugar is to my body.  I must remember that I can’t rely on myself, but that I can definitely rely on His strength. 

When I first realized I was struggling, I fell back into the mindset of “I have to…” trying to rely on own willpower, a mindset of being on a diet, limiting, counting...all those things that I prove over and over again that I can't manage to do.   I even made a new unpublicized blog (because I am ashamed to have fallen so far, walking a road I never thought I be on again) to write about getting back on the right track.   Well…Jesus is the right track, He is my freedom.   The new blog will go by the wayside, and I will write about struggle vs. freedom here.  It’s only fair, is it not, for the ones who cheered me on to be aware that I fell down.  Thanks to God, (who is for me, not against me) I can (and do) refuse to stay down.  


  1. One week starting today? Well, okay then. I just weighed myself and I weigh about what I weighed in January--215. That's nine months of struggle with no result. Well, no result except guilt and shame.

    I'm thinking that doing it God's way would be better. :} Fancy that.

    When I want to pick up just a bite--I'll pray for you as I pray for me. How's that?


    1. And I will do the same for you. I just refuse to give into this slide back into the pit. No way. No how. No, No, NO! (and things like chips and fries, etc...that's all part of the commitment for me.) We are better than this! We are God's own children!!!!

  2. I like your Dear so and so entries; I don't think they are un-Christian; I think even in them you are sensitive to the feelings of others.

    Good idea to give the week off sugar to detox.



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