Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Musings: The Musings Edition

Making a low carb commitment last week really helped.   There were a couple of times when I had to cling to my integrity that I did, indeed, make a commitment.  I had added “no chips and fries” in a comment on that entry, so that helped when I was eating out last week.   I lost 5 pounds, and I feel much more in control today than I did one week ago.  Well worth it.  I have lost a total of 73 pounds.   Relosing the 22 pounds I regained.   I’m thankful.

I’m working on my Margafesto.  Yes.  Really.   I started writing it two weeks ago, but within the first paragraph, I found my mind rebelling…recoiling from the responsibility of being a better person.   I am long used to doing things like water…following the past of least resistance.   But I really need some change in my life. 

Do you ever consider giving up all social networking?   Or at least taking a break from the countless hours spent in front of a computer screen doing…not much?  I do.  I also think about giving up this blog.   I’ve had it for four years…but I have been blogging for much longer than four years.  I probably won’t give up Margaret’s Musings…I keep thinking that one day I will actually write in it.  Write, as in words of substance, words that matter. 

Yesterday, Ole Boy and I went walking on the TVA Nature Trails…my foot is a little better now because my doctor put me on a dose pack (prednisone) for five days.   I have today and tomorrow left.   My foot is not nearly as “better” as I wanted it to be.  I keep hoping and praying.


  1. Love that nature trail. Bill and I hope to go out tomorrow and get some hiking in. Our trails around here are much like the pics in this post. We've had soooooo much rain for soooo long, that it hasn't been safe to hike on the days between shoers. The ground is so sodden that the trees are just falling over. We're feeling soooo housebound that we're going to chance it tomorrow. Sooooo is my word for the moment. :)

    As far as social media. I don't do any of it except my blog. I quit my twitter account when they changed the format/look. Too hard on my eyes. I don't do facebook, simply refuse. I follow few blogs and part of the reason I changed my URL was a desire to pull back. I'm not feeling real public these days.

    Congratulations on sticking to your commitment! I made it 4 days. :( But, it's Monday again, so here I go...again.

    I'll add your foot to my prayers!


    1. I should have refused Facebook! I pulled back on blogging comments uh-long time ago. I like to comment where/when I like to comment, not because someone else is doing a "drive-by comment" in my blog. Sooooo I quit bowing to the pressure a long time ago...and that took care of that!

      My foot? Thank you, please do pray. I have been dealing with this since April, and I am very ready for it to be a thing of the past.

    2. "...Took care of that" meaning they quit doing drive bys in my blog.

  2. Oh. Now humming "Monday, Monday" snicker.

  3. Dont leave , I love your posts and you have been such an encouragement to me when I am down.

  4. Yes about social media. I cut back a lot on FB; I dumped a lot of friends (you didn't make the cut) and I rarely do much there these days. I did come back to blogging, but its kind of a complicated story why I did, but I toned down a lot of my blog reading and I'm resolving not to go out checking new ones out. So I'm down to about an hour a day or less whereas before it was several hours a day checking this or that out.

    Glad you did your commitment for the week and was down the weight you were down. Where you guys walked looked pretty; glad you were able to get out and get some exercise!



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