Friday, September 13, 2013

Road Trip: Branson, MO

My parents invited Ole Boy and me to join them in Branson.  We’d never been, and we do like to a good road trip, so off we went.

 photo 100_5714_zps9b4b18a3.jpg
Ole Boy...No, we didn't ride to Branson in this cute little jeep.

Did you know if you plan a Branson trip from the Shoals just right, you can hit two Lambert Café restaurants?  Yes, I’m here to tell you I caught a couple of them throwed rolls.   You’ve never been to Lambert's?   You don’t know what you are missing!  The name of their website is "throwed rolls."    

 photo DSCN1814_zps9d76a973.jpg
This was the largest hibiscus I had ever seen!  Beautiful!
In Silver Dollar City...reminds me of my mother.
Branson is a long drive from here…approximately 8 hours, and I don’t know that it was exciting enough (for me) to go again.   We did enjoy it, but you know how I love the Great Smoky Mountains…the Ozarks are no comparison, and neither is Branson to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg.   We visited SilverDollar City, which is what Dollywood was once upon a time.  We took in a few shows, and I enjoyed all of them…some more so than others. 

 photo DSCN1837_zpsb5282a4d.jpg
Silver Dollar City
 photo DSCN1819_zps49f51f10.jpg

 photo DSCN1821_zps6c421fa0.jpg
Riding the train in SDC...
    photo DSCN1827_zpsf0aef7dc.jpg   

The first show we saw in Silver Dollar City was The  Beelers....
Very, very talented brother-sisters group!
Loved them!

We also visited Springfield, which is home to the original Bass Pro Shop.
Very interesting "wildlife" in that store.
 photo 100_5697_zps23a89aea.jpg
 photo 100_5678_zps04d09dde.jpg
Thankfully, they were not alive...and they had some HUGE ones
in the store...polar bears and grizzly bears.  Wow! They get big!
 photo 100_5677_zps774a6362.jpg

 photo 100_5713_zps3164b295.jpg
The gators were definitely alive!

 photo 100_5707_zpsbb9c1dd0.jpg
As were the turtles
 photo 100_5706_zpsa93a0472.jpg
 photo 100_5705_zps649a091b.jpg
These two turtles remind me of pancakes, for some reason.
        photo 100_5675_zpsf4041989.jpg 
 photo 100_5669_zpsef1d6575.jpg
 photo 100_5674_zpsdc29e003.jpg 
There was also a gun museum and an archery hall of fame at the store.   The ground floor had Uncle Bucks Conservatory, which housed a large aquarium where they have live feeding shows...complete with a diver.   There was a nice restaurant, as well.   If you're ever near Springfield, MO, it would be worth your time to head over and visit the place.  It's very interesting.  

Back in Branson....
 photo 100_5744_zpsc2fd2075.jpg
Table Rock Dam
 photo 100_5738_zps43ae814d.jpg
Table Rock Dam Opened Floodgates
This is NOT my footage....borrowed it from YouTube.


  1. What a neat trip, Meg, and how good that you could go with your parents; nice memories made I am sure! Thanks for sharing your adventures with me, might want to put Branson on a vacation destination down the road :)


    1. You and Hubby might really enjoy the shows...I know he's quite musical. I am still hoping to get to the Rockies one day.

  2. Loved this. And those turtles! They DO look like they have pancakes for shells. I've never seen turtles like that before.

    Thanks for the road trip recap. :)


    1. Me either! I had to do a double take at first...didn't know they were turtles.


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