Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Road Trip Saturday!

Destination:  Ethridge, Tennessee

Saturday was such a beautiful day,
crisp, cool morning, azure sky...
Ole Boy and I went to visit our friends in the 
Amish community of Ethridge, Tennessee
(They don't really know they are our friends...)

 photo DSCN1888-1_zps322e8dae.jpg
These pictures just had a black and white feel to them.
 photo DSCN1854-1_zps2d16c86e.jpg

 photo DSCN1882-1_zps912045c7.jpg
Their equipment

 photo DSCN1857-1_zps75efd10b.jpg
Sorghum...time for some molasses making!

 photo DSCN1861-1_zps01e05ee3.jpg
Cornstalk Bundles

 photo DSCN1845-1_zpsf72ce54c.jpg

 photo DSCN1895-1_zps64f9f34c.jpg
Tobacco Harvest
 photo DSCN1853-1_zpsa7eee0b5.jpg
Yesterday's low-carb commitment went just fine...I expect a good day today as well!


  1. I read somewhere that color photos revealed the surface life, but black and whites revealed the soul. I think it's true.

    I did well yesterday, too. :D God is good.


    1. I must be on FB too much, since I'm always looking for a "Like" button...

  2. It does sound and look like a nice road trip. Good to hear day 1 (and I'm sure day 2 today) of low carb commitment went well :)


  3. Very pretty country there, and I love one old store that caters to the Amish and sells Amish goods. Whenever I'm there they put a gun to my head and make me buy the fudge.


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