Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Thunderings

Dear Local Blogger:
I remember having a conversation years ago with a loved one.  I told her that if everyone is disagreeing with what you’re doing, they can’t all be wrong.   I wonder if perhaps there’s a bit of “no one is going to tell me what to do in my own space” type thinking going on right now, which is perfect within your legal rights.  It is, after all, your blog.  

You asked those disagreeing with you to name one 9/11 victim, referencing that we all could name the Twin Towers, but not any of the victims.   However, you may want to consider that 9/11 happened 12 years ago in New York; the local young girl hasn’t even had a funeral yet.  That makes a big difference when naming names. 

I really hated the old building is gone, too.  I am at a loss, though, to understand what you are thinking on this one.   I don’t believe you are as hard-hearted as this situation is making you appear.

Dear Student:
I couldn’t help but listen, you chose to sit next to me…and believe me, I tried to block you out.   Maybe you don’t realize that you say “like” no less than 8 times per minute.   And when you are gossiping about a conversation with your friend, that total doubles.   “Like, I was like, you can’t like do that.   She was like, well, like, I don’t know what she said.   But, like, I was like OK, like do what you want, and she was like do you think, like, I shouldn’t?”     The thing is, I could tell you and the young man weren't very well acquainted, and I just don’t think you impressed him…but I think you really wanted to.  At one point, I tried to tally how often you said it, but you went into a roll of “likes” and I like, lost count.

Dear Hair: 
Sometimes, because of the way you misbehave, I really do consider a wig.

Dear MidSouth Vendor: 
It just looked funny to me, for some reason, to see you in the fast food drive through line in your MidSouth Van ordering coffee.

Dear Jacks:
“Extra ice” isn’t to be confused with “hardly any ice at all.”

Side note:  I am a little hesitant to post this particular entry...but have decided to anyway.  For you non-locals, there was an old landmark building (I have photos, but can't find them!) that was destroyed by fire after a terrible accident that resulted in the death of a beautiful 25 year old girl and critical injuries to a 25 year old young man.  When I first heard the news, I was immediately saddened that I would no longer see the old building on my many trips to Tennessee.   I will miss it.   But I am more more saddened by the tragic loss of life.   There are too many variables to speculate on the facts of the case, who was thinking I won't.   I do know that people of all ages make really stupid mistakes, and sometimes, those stupid choices cost lives...sadly, at times, the life of the one who made that last bad decision.  


  1. Re: like. aaaarrrrgggghhhhh. Like, you know, I mean, well, it's like totally annoying.

    So far, none of my grandchildren have picked up that particular verbal tick. I hope that they do not. You know, like, really, I hope that they do not.

    Sad about the accident. Hopefully, your local blogger will have an improved perspective on the loss.


  2. I wonder if people listen to themselves when they talk; I'd be mortified to have so many likes in one given conversation.

    So sorry about the old building's fate and the loss of life; whatever the circumstances, it of course doesn't negate the tragedy and the sadness inflicted on the families and friends involved.


  3. I really, really love these posts. I think they are so heartfelt and genuine. They are well written, human and I think important. Thank you for sharing them.

  4. Yep, that was me. FTR, as I've told TBR, I would have taken down the photo that many found offensive if I hadn't first gotten some DEMANDS from people I'd never heard of. I think some of their anger was displaced since the couple had been together for a long time. Their friends were mutual and they couldn't blame their impaired friend, but they wanted to lash out. Apparently the store owner's relative and I gave them some very ample targets.

    There was certainly no disrespect for the young woman. For the young man? Hard to say; some mistakes are just so much worse than others, and he made one that can never be rectified. I do hope he is out of hospital soon...if he wants to be.

    1. "I would have taken down the photo that many found offensive if I hadn't first gotten some DEMANDS from people I'd never heard of."

      Well. You sure showed them. Gets a little chilly up there on top of that mountain, tho...

    2. That's true, Deb, but many of these demands used the "B" word. Sorry, but calling someone a version of a witch doesn't go far with me. These same people also blamed some friends of mine who had nothing to do with it--called them names too. At least Margo (as they call her) was spared on this one.

  5. BTW, Mary Carton published a great photo of the old store if you need one.

    1. I saw that one...and it is definitely better than the ones I have of it. Thanks.


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