Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Where Am I?

Good Morning.

So...I hate Google today.  Yesterday, too.

It appears that sometime today or within the next few days, this domain will cease to be.

I now have to decide what I want to do...keep blogging, blog elsewhere...I don't know yet.

If I have any news/photos to share in the mean time, I will post them HERE.

If you're interested, that is.

I'm mad.  Really.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Who Stole My Blog?

It is a great possibility that I will lose this blog tomorrow.    Google can't get it's crap straight and has informed me that because I have not enabled the "auto-renew" feature for my domain, it will be suspended.   However, there is no "auto renew" option anywhere that I can find, and I have searched high and low.  And I'd like to point out that it has auto-renewed for the last five years.

This happened to me earlier this year with another blog that I didn't really care about so much because I hadn't spend the last five years writing in it like I have this one.

To say I'm upset about it would be an understatement, but I do not have any recourse.   I updated everything I could and I even gave them a second payment source.   But they are telling me that as of tomorrow my domain is suspended.   I cannot find anywhere/anyway to fix the problem.

Stupid Google.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Vacation Photos: Part 2

Because of the government shutdown, and the fact that we didn't know if the National Park and Cade's Cove would be opened while we were there, we made other plans for entertaining ourselves...something Ole Boy and I are pretty good at doing (which is how we found the Bush Bean Visitor Center...and those embarrassing details...last year).  

This year, Phil Robertson my cousin Donnie met us for dinner with the family at Joe's Crab Shack, and he told us about some waterfalls to visit in North Carolina.   He is a GSM tour guide, so you'd think he knows what he's talking about, yes?   Yes!   He certainly did know, and the day we took this trek was one of the best sight seeing days we had!  

 photo DonnieSmith_zpsa44b8ec1.jpg
You can check out his website HERE.
 photo 100_6147_zpsa30585fc.jpg
Most places didn't have a lot of color yet...
we were about a week or so early, it appears.
     photo 100_6032_zps443030b4.jpg
  Some had a little color...
The Dry Falls Observation Deck is to the left

   photo 100_6028_zps6d4c34b3.jpg
Dry Falls
 photo 100_6027_zps6723e159.jpg
   photo 100_6014_zpsd30a9e05.jpg
Rooty Roots at Dry Falls
   photo 100_6007_zps969f1c37.jpg
Behind the falls
   photo 100_6002_zpsd57eb9b7.jpg
Looking out from the falls
   photo 100_5996_zps5c6981f1.jpg 
 The Falls!
  photo 100_5995_zps4a195c9a.jpg
  They were gorgeous!
   photo 100_5992_zpsc70672e8.jpg

  photo 100_6095_zps52c1b427.jpg
  We also drove the Tail of the Dragon  (I call it the devil's tail.)
at Deal's Gap in North Carolina, a road that has 18 curves in 11 miles.
I didn't take pictures because I was driving,
and I saw uh lot of these ess curve signs on that road.
This is a route that motorcyclists take great pride
in finishing alive seeing how fast they can make the curves. 
   photo 100_5925_zpsabbc8350.jpg
Fence at Gatlinburg Bypass overlook
   photo 100_5915_zpsa326342b.jpg
At Newfound Gap 
   photo 100_6154_zps787e9c62.jpg
  photo 100_6135_zps9810a56e.jpg
See the web?  The ol' Brown Recluse does NOT like spiders.

Don't get too excited thinking I'm finished sharing my vacation photos...
There will at least be a Part Three.
I know, I know!  You can't wait!

Have a great week!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Peace in Troublesome Times

World events…and the present unrest in America…can be scary, and it’s easy to forget that we do not have to live in a pit of depression or hopelessness.   Jesus cares for each of us individually, and we don’t have to fear in these troublesome days.
...I am poor and needy; yet the Lord thinks upon me.   You are my help and my deliverer; do not delay, O my God.    Ps 40:17

I really like the 40th Psalm.    I like to be reminded that He thinks about me.   Me!   Me?   Yeah, me.   You, too!
He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my steps. (vs 2)

Ah, yes!    I just love knowing He is my deliverer and He takes my hand and lifts me from the horrible pit, and not only puts me on solid ground away from sinking sand, but he also sets up my path in a firm and permanent fashion.

Trust...we simply must learn to trust Him.

Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man (or blessed am I) who trusts in Him! Ps 34:8

It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man (or myself).   
(Ps 118:8)


Just one more:
PS 143:8  Cause me to hear Your lovingkindness in the morning, for in You do I trust; cause me to know the way in which I should walk, for I lift up my soul to You.

Keep your eyes on Jesus, He is your peace.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Roll That Beany Footage!

Last year while exploring the Great Smoky Mountains, by happenstance, Ole Boy and I found the Bush Bean Visitor Center and Museum.   This year, we found it on purpose-stance.   Last year, we were really enjoying the scenery, because Chestnut Hill, Tennessee is quite picturesque.  This year, we came in via a different route on the factory side, and I just have to kinda smelled the after effects of someone eating beans.   Reminiscent of a paper mill, if you've ever had that displeasure.

The route we took last year met us with plush pastures full of bovines...cows, that is, owned by Bush Brothers.   I'd tell you how they use cows in the manufacturing process, and I can't exactly remember.  And the cows didn't smell up the place like the factory did...oddly enough.

 photo DSCN2024_zps4c1d38b5.jpg
The museum is beany informative, and the Bush Brothers history is beany interesting.   If you're ever in the Great Smoky Mountains, it's definitely worth the drive out to visit.   Inside the museum, which is interactive, by the way, you'll find a huge can of can walk inside of it and press buttons and learn all about, well, beans.
 photo DSCN2034_zpsea9643f7.jpg

Old labels and pressure cookers...

 photo DSCN2033_zpsdbf277f8.jpg

 photo DSCN2035_zps55610ea9.jpg
Ole Boy said once upon a time he worked on 
cash registers that looked like this.
 photo DSCN2049_zps22ca78b8.jpg
Little Duke Puppies are easily found throughout the store.

 photo DSCN2027_zps738d3e9b.jpg
What bean company would be complete without a bean stalk?

 photo DSCN2054_zps4e40dd76.jpg
Inside the General Merchandise Store...
 photo DSCN2043_zps694ecdc4.jpg

 photo DSCN2057_zps0d0fa2c6.jpg
Outside the visitor center, decorated for Fall...
 photo DSCN2055_zpsa96ed799.jpg

 photo DSCN2063_zpsce47e820.jpg
Old Trucks and Ole Boy...
 photo DSCN2068_zps4bb259ea.jpg

They even take your picture...for free!
 photo d3ca5246-95af-4f9b-ae3b-c0eed93f127a_zpsd1bdad3a.jpg
Here's Duke getting ready to tell us the secret recipe.

 photo 100_5996_zps5c6981f1.jpg
I am still working on vacation photos Part 2~
here's a little hint of what's to come!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Great Smoky Getaway ~ Part 1

 photo 100_5955_zps08b8d1df.jpg
Newfound Gap, Great Smoky Mountains
It may sound like it, but I am not complaining!   
However, this GSM trip was just a
It wasn't just the shutdown, 
which was still in effect when we arrived.

 photo 100_5961_zps7fb13e16.jpg
Newfound Gap, Great Smoky Mountains

It wasn't the cloudy, drizzly days or lack of sunshine.
Or that we stayed in Pigeon Forge instead of Gatlinburg this time.
 photo 100_5924_zps5a382a5f.jpg
Gatlinburg bypass overlook

Or lack of fall color...
 photo 100_5917_zps4255cfee.jpg
Gatlinburg bypass overlook

...because we did see some color.   
I have the photos to prove it!
{Unlike the lack of proof that we saw bears or deer because I was driving, so I wasn't snapping photos. I'm a safety girl...even if I don't always wear a seat belt.  Or, maybe I'm not so safe (but I am admitting nothing!), and it was because I didn't have my camera handy because who would expect three bears to be so near the downtown Gatlinburg Parkway!}
 photo 100_5949_zps10a567a4.jpg
Newfound Gap, Great Smoky Mountains

Ah..some nice fall color.
 photo 100_5953_zpsffc513e3.jpg

I think it was all those things combined, 
and I just didn't have my mountain bearings.

Since Gatlinburg was very green, and not interesting in a colorful respect, I was a little bummed...until I noticed a colorful yellow hat.   Ole Boy said I should take a picture of her, but I didn't think I could do that for obvious reasons.  Then I noticed she had friends, and I thought to myself that they were the most interesting things I'd seen all day.

One of them noticed I was staring...or noticed I had a camera...and asked if I would snap a picture of them with their cameras.  I did, and asked if I could take one for myself and share it on my blog.  They obliged, and here they are...they were from Canada, and they told me their names...but true to my forgetful nature, I can only remember one name: Margaret.  I wonder why I remember her name so well?!  I believe Margaret is on the right.

 photo 100_5927_zpsd020963a.jpg
Gatlinburg bypass overlook
     Lovely ladies, they are!

Monday, October 21, 2013


Dear Past:
I don’t know why I would revisit you…you didn’t do me good the first time.  History repeating itself is not a good thing!

Dear Forgiveness:
Why, oh, why do you elude me?

Dear Unforgiveness:
I will fight you every step of the way.  The truth is that I really want revenge, but I will cast down those thoughts, and I will win because Jesus will continue to remind me that I am not battling flesh and blood.  One day, I will not even want to slice that person to shreds with my words, and slap her face if she tries to defend her actions.   One day...could it be today?

Dear Strangers in Golden Corral:
You, us, and two other couples...we all arrived for breakfast when they opened for the morning...and we could seat ourselves.  Out of all the empty seats in the house, why did you choose to come and crowd us?   I forgive you.

Dear Self:
I bet you wish you hadn't eaten with abandon the whole time you were on vacation last week, yes?   YES!  I forgive you.   It's time to change your ways...which is another word for repentance!  Stop relying on yourself and remember where your help comes from...and it's not yourself.

Dear Gibbs:
Seriously?  That is no way to welcome me home...doing your business on the living room floor at 5 a.m.   I forgive you...but I am not sure I trust you as much as I did just one week ago!!!

I got back from vacation just yesterday!   I have photos to share and stories to tell...but for now...just a few teasers until I can pull it together:

 photo 100_5977_zps54fb3552.jpg 
Lake Sequoyah Dam Falls (Kalakaleskies)

 photo 100_5966_zps3a98a280.jpg 
Path to Glen Rock Falls...a path I did not complete!  
A mile uphill both ways...
OK, only one way, but it would have felt like two miles 
by the time I made it back up, had I done it.

 photo 100_5957_zps8ed0d07e.jpg
The reason it's called "Smoky Mountains"

My obviously homemade video of Dry to come!

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