Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Musings: The Forgiveness Edition

Reading some Facebook comments this morning, I came across a name that took me back to elementary school.  The name, when I see it, never brings good memories, and today was no exception.  Perhaps I hold unforgiveness…I am not sure…maybe it is just that I remember.   Memories exist, and they pop into my mind every now and then, especially when there’s a reminder.

 Unforgiveness, I’ve heard it expressed,
Is like drinking poison and hoping someone else gets sick.

She’s long gone from this world, this first grade teacher who made my first year of school a nightmare.  I would not have wished bad things for her, even if she were living to this day.  My second grade teacher was much better, and the rest of my years at Underwood Elementary were pleasant enough.

My third grade teacher, whom I really liked, was the principal when my daughter was enrolled.   She handled a situation involving my daughter very badly, in my opinion, and I wrote her a scathing letter….and copied the superintendent of education.   Did I over-react?  Possibly…but she did, indeed, handle a delicate situation rather coarsely.   She also discussed it with the grandmother of the little boy involved, and when I saw her (the grandmother) in WalMart shortly after the incident, she told me that if I had any problems with her grandson to contact her, not the school.  The grandmother is gone from this world, too, but the memories still remain.

What does one do with bad memories?  Granted, my “bad” recollections are nothing in comparison to the memories of so many hurting people.    But a hurt is a hurt, and memories do exist.   Unforgiveness doesn’t have to be attached to the thoughts, but how can you be sure that you aren’t just remembering, but that a little unforgiveness is lingers?

My spell check keeps trying to tell me “unforgiveness” is not a word.
It is now.

One of the toughest forms of forgiveness is that of our own actions, inactions, bad choices, stupidity…forgiving ourselves for our past.  And whether we know it or not, there may be people holding grievances against us for some callous thing we said or did, and we don’t even realize we’ve hurt someone.

Today, I’m choosing forgiveness.   Every fiery dart aimed at me today will be met with a shield of forgiveness.  Grudges are never worth hanging to, and especially when it gives something “bad” even the tiniest bit of power in my life.    

It’s a beautiful Monday.   
May you find forgiveness in your heart 
for whatever bad memory haunts you.
And may it be as easy as a walk in Deibert Park
Photos below....


Deibert Park, Florence, Alabama.
All photos belong to

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  1. Right to my heart... struggling hard with forgiveness.

  2. The small, still voice said, "You don't have to love (as in adore) the person, just forgive and not hate."

  3. I loved the pictures; again such a pretty place you live. Unforgiveness can lead to bitterness which is a terrible root to have. Funny thing is when time passes and people are no longer around, one wonders why they held things against others and why they didn't forgive or why one allowed bitterness to take root. I think your choice to forgive today and every day is a good thing to do.


  4. Nothing wrong about remembering an unhappy event and the feelings that go with it, if the feelings are appropriate. If they're not, then some untangling of conclusions is in order. (For instance, if an adult recalls a childhood event in which she was wronged...and feels that her child self is deserving of blame...the adult needs to reexamine those conclusions. Likely, they are the child's mistaken beliefs and the adult would judge the truth of the matter differently.)

    Feeling , really feeling, the flush of emotion to that memory doesn't mean you have unforgiveness or are lacking closure. The feelings are stored in your brain along with the memory. There is no meaning whatsoever to the fact that you feel now some of what you felt then. It does give you opportunity to examine those feelings, tho, and see if your read on the event back then is still how you see it now.

    At any rate, when a memory pops up unbidden along with its feelingns, do what you probably did--lift it up to Jesus. Pray for all involved along with yourself. Ask for growth to result from the memory and thank Him for it. If satan planted that little memory to zing you, he'll be real put out that it resulted in prayer and praise. :)

    I love when that happens. :)


  5. Beautiful post, beautiful photos. Thanks!


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