Monday, October 21, 2013


Dear Past:
I don’t know why I would revisit you…you didn’t do me good the first time.  History repeating itself is not a good thing!

Dear Forgiveness:
Why, oh, why do you elude me?

Dear Unforgiveness:
I will fight you every step of the way.  The truth is that I really want revenge, but I will cast down those thoughts, and I will win because Jesus will continue to remind me that I am not battling flesh and blood.  One day, I will not even want to slice that person to shreds with my words, and slap her face if she tries to defend her actions.   One day...could it be today?

Dear Strangers in Golden Corral:
You, us, and two other couples...we all arrived for breakfast when they opened for the morning...and we could seat ourselves.  Out of all the empty seats in the house, why did you choose to come and crowd us?   I forgive you.

Dear Self:
I bet you wish you hadn't eaten with abandon the whole time you were on vacation last week, yes?   YES!  I forgive you.   It's time to change your ways...which is another word for repentance!  Stop relying on yourself and remember where your help comes from...and it's not yourself.

Dear Gibbs:
Seriously?  That is no way to welcome me home...doing your business on the living room floor at 5 a.m.   I forgive you...but I am not sure I trust you as much as I did just one week ago!!!

I got back from vacation just yesterday!   I have photos to share and stories to tell...but for now...just a few teasers until I can pull it together:

 photo 100_5977_zps54fb3552.jpg 
Lake Sequoyah Dam Falls (Kalakaleskies)

 photo 100_5966_zps3a98a280.jpg 
Path to Glen Rock Falls...a path I did not complete!  
A mile uphill both ways...
OK, only one way, but it would have felt like two miles 
by the time I made it back up, had I done it.

 photo 100_5957_zps8ed0d07e.jpg
The reason it's called "Smoky Mountains"

My obviously homemade video of Dry to come!


  1. and to think you go again in 2.5 weeks!! :) it will be different, but still fun. love the pix! i have a book for you when i finish reading...and it's a must read for you!

  2. You are so interesting!! I can't wait to hear all your stories and see all your pictures! The teasers are simply BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. Looks like a great vacation!! Gibbs was just letting you know that he didn't like being left alone when you guys were gone.



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