Monday, October 28, 2013

Vacation Photos: Part 2

Because of the government shutdown, and the fact that we didn't know if the National Park and Cade's Cove would be opened while we were there, we made other plans for entertaining ourselves...something Ole Boy and I are pretty good at doing (which is how we found the Bush Bean Visitor Center...and those embarrassing details...last year).  

This year, Phil Robertson my cousin Donnie met us for dinner with the family at Joe's Crab Shack, and he told us about some waterfalls to visit in North Carolina.   He is a GSM tour guide, so you'd think he knows what he's talking about, yes?   Yes!   He certainly did know, and the day we took this trek was one of the best sight seeing days we had!  

 photo DonnieSmith_zpsa44b8ec1.jpg
You can check out his website HERE.
 photo 100_6147_zpsa30585fc.jpg
Most places didn't have a lot of color yet...
we were about a week or so early, it appears.
     photo 100_6032_zps443030b4.jpg
  Some had a little color...
The Dry Falls Observation Deck is to the left

   photo 100_6028_zps6d4c34b3.jpg
Dry Falls
 photo 100_6027_zps6723e159.jpg
   photo 100_6014_zpsd30a9e05.jpg
Rooty Roots at Dry Falls
   photo 100_6007_zps969f1c37.jpg
Behind the falls
   photo 100_6002_zpsd57eb9b7.jpg
Looking out from the falls
   photo 100_5996_zps5c6981f1.jpg 
 The Falls!
  photo 100_5995_zps4a195c9a.jpg
  They were gorgeous!
   photo 100_5992_zpsc70672e8.jpg

  photo 100_6095_zps52c1b427.jpg
  We also drove the Tail of the Dragon  (I call it the devil's tail.)
at Deal's Gap in North Carolina, a road that has 18 curves in 11 miles.
I didn't take pictures because I was driving,
and I saw uh lot of these ess curve signs on that road.
This is a route that motorcyclists take great pride
in finishing alive seeing how fast they can make the curves. 
   photo 100_5925_zpsabbc8350.jpg
Fence at Gatlinburg Bypass overlook
   photo 100_5915_zpsa326342b.jpg
At Newfound Gap 
   photo 100_6154_zps787e9c62.jpg
  photo 100_6135_zps9810a56e.jpg
See the web?  The ol' Brown Recluse does NOT like spiders.

Don't get too excited thinking I'm finished sharing my vacation photos...
There will at least be a Part Three.
I know, I know!  You can't wait!

Have a great week!


  1. lol you are correct...i can't wait to see more of your pix!!! love what you've shared so far. i need to get those recommendations for my next trip!!!

  2. Love the photos. :D I'm taking notes for our next rip to GSM...unless Jesus comes back first, we need the pointers.

  3. I definitely want to see more pictures! Those were great waterfall pictures! Honestly, I need to visit your part of the country!! (really, its just a spider........ :)



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