Tuesday, October 8, 2013

When I'm Listening

When I’m Listening

When I stand in reverent wonder,
Atop mountains on an autumn day,
Though it’s not a voice like rolling thunder
I hear what my Redeemer has to say.

I close my eyes to better hear it,
The gentle rustling of the autumn leaves.
A warm, sweet whisper joins my spirit,
A sound like the wind blowing through the trees.

Embraced in hues of gold and red
Surrounded by His grace
My heart listens carefully to what is said,
As the gentle breeze caresses my face.

Vibrant leaves catch the wind
Floating about in majestic glory
His voice tenderly blankets me like a flawless friend,
Whose love is an unending story.

His whisper tells of how He planned for me
Before creation was spoken
Even when time was yet to be,
His plans would not be broken.

His promise is full of hope and love
And shines like dew drops glistening
His voice spans the air as wings of a dove
And speaks to me when I’m listening.

Photography is from my beloved Great Smoky Mountains.
Poetry and photography property of www.AmusingMargaret.com 

This video is amazing.    
Even if you've seen it before, it's so worth watching again.


  1. Beautiful words, Meg. This could be put to music! Love the pictures you included too :)


  2. I agree with Betty, this would make a very beautiful song. The words are not fluff, like many songs, but are rich, deep and personal. Oh, and the photos are gorgeous also!


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