Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Where Am I?

Good Morning.

So...I hate Google today.  Yesterday, too.

It appears that sometime today or within the next few days, this domain will cease to be.

I now have to decide what I want to do...keep blogging, blog elsewhere...I don't know yet.

If I have any news/photos to share in the mean time, I will post them HERE.

If you're interested, that is.

I'm mad.  Really.


  1. I still don't understand, but am concerned!!

  2. Hey. I checked out your "here" spot. What an interesting blog! I didn't know it existed. I'm going to read thru as soon as I get a chance. I followed just in case you post there.

    You know, it would be hard for me to decide whether I'd keep blogging or not if my blog went down.

    No matter what you diced about blogging, do stay in touch. I'd miss you!


  3. Well it is 5:10 p.m. my time and you are still here. Will check out your here.



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