Friday, December 6, 2013

What the Crap?

UNA Snow
Depending on how you use it (…or just about any way you use it…) “crap” is probably a cuss word.   Swearing, that is.   The Bible says “do not swear,” (James 5), but I don’t think he’s talking about cussing in that chapter.   Not that I’m advocating cussing!  That would be crappy of me, especially since I charge dimes and quarters at work for folks who cuss….yes, I’m that chick in the office with a cuss jar on her desk.  After this post, I think I’ll have to drop a few coins in the jar my own self.   Crap!

Snow in my front yard
It’s a nap-crappy day out today in the Shoals, cold and wet, but we have it good compared to those north of us.   They are threatening us with the possibility of frozen precipitation, but I have found over the years, if they are predicting it, we usually don’t get it.   Sometimes sneaky sleet gets us…and we don’t have a lot of warning.  For some reason in the south, if the words sleet, snow, or ice, are in the forecast, it’s a law that you must congregate at the local grocery stores and wipe them out of milk and bread…toilet paper…whatever, even if the next day is going to be 50° and no snow or ice will survive!   Crap-silly, isn’t it?   Can’t say I don’t follow the snow rules at times.    
Frozen falls...Rockpile, TVA-The Shoals
In the south, snow and/or ice can be a crappy thing.   No native southerner really knows how to drive on snowy roads.  In order for snow to stick on our roadways, it seems there must be a layer of ice first, so in essence, we are really driving on a bed of ice.   Southern cities typically don’t have the equipment to handle major snow and ice, and no one I know owns any snow chains.  It’s a near-guarantee people will be in ditches when it snows, and that can be pretty crappy.  I don’t think we’ll get any really crappy weather this weekend, so I’m not planning to fight the crowds for bread or milk today.   Good thing I’m not in need of either.

Cardinals in my back yard
The crappy question for today is:   How long will it be before there is a major uprising against Obama’s Crappy-Care?  I keep waiting.   It was a crap shoot getting decent insurance at a good price before it became “affordable.”  It’s one of those wait-and-see type situations.  I wish I had faith that it would all work out, but I think the plan is, well, crappy…and I have no faith in the current administration.
Ice Forest, Southern Tennessee

If you’re still reading, I’m sure you’ll be relieved that I’ve come to the end of my crap-talk.  I hope your weekend is far from crap-tastic!   (Get your bread and milk just in case…and double check the toilet tissue supply.)  

More UNA Snow:
Snowy Lions in front of Willingham

The Front of Bibb Graves

The a blizzard!


  1. :D Loved these pictures! :D Looks like home. That pic with the cardinals is beautiful.

    We're used to snow up here, of course, but when we have rain,then that hideous snow/rain mix, then snow--no one can drive on it here, either. Deep snow is MUCH better than that whole ice layer thing.

    Even with the equipment to treat the roads, the rain then snow is still tricky. If they put the salt, etc on the roads too soon, the rain washes it off. Too late, and were driving sideways down the hills. :} We have lots, lots, lots, of hills.

    We're having a rain, sleet, snow day today. Been raining since yesterday, a mix is expected in a couple of hours along with sleet, then snow to start around 3p.m.

    Ha. Okay. More than you wanted to hear about our weather.

    About the stores, tho. Bill and I have always smirked at the milk/bread runs. Often we'd be in the store by accident and wonder what was going on...why the shelves were empty. I mean, really, even if we were snowed in, we could walk to the store! Geez.

    Until last year.

    We had one humdinger of a snow storm (Sandy) that lasted a couple of days--and took out power for miles around. No gas stations. No delivery trucks out. Grocery stores weren't open, then when they did--they had NO FOOD to speak of.

    Ohhhhh. Now, we get it. :} And we laugh at ourselves as we stand in line.

    Enjoy your snow! You don't get it often.

    1. I guess those pictures made it look like we got snow yesterday. We did not...that was one of those not-forecasted "blizzards" that hit a few years ago. It was a beauty! We had an ice storm that rolled through here (again, no real warning) that took out power lines and transformers, and caused a power outage that last for days for some. I hope you're staying safe and warm. Still praying!

  2. What a great post. Both the written and the pictures. Thank you for both.
    Now I need to run out for some supplies, before the snow gets here!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Yesterday (even though the threat had pretty much been lifted for us) people were crowding the grocery stores before 4 p.m.

  3. LOL, not sure about crap being a cuss word. I don't think it is. Is darn a cuss word? cause I use that a lot.

    I keep thinking something is going to happen with Obama care and yet it hasn't. Maybe when it gets fully implemented and people try to use the insurance they are purchasing? I've heard mixed reviews of it. A family I know found their insurance went down because of it because its based on income and their income went down. So they are happy about it. But others are complaining because their insurance plans at work are going up. So I don't know. Ours stayed the same at work for this year, but who knows for next year?

    I think its just a mess, that's what I think.

    I can see how Southerners would not be prepared for the wintry weather of snow and ice. It doesn't make sense to have the equipment if it is just a stray storm or two a season that brings those conditions. Regardless, do be safe this weekend no matter what the weather might be.


  4. Oooh, what beautiful snow photos.
    We had about 5 inches of snow on the valley floor today here on Southern Oregon, pretty good for us. I was SO glad I got home from the dentist (had 2 teeth extracted) right before it started. I got to sit all cozy inside and watch it blanket the yard so prettily.
    Crap a cussword?? Nah... it would probably fall under the coarse and/or unedifying category. Well gollygeewhiz, it's hard to find a good clean explicative that has any punch, LOL!

    1. Five inches would have closed up the whole town for at least three days around here! lolz I'm going to have to make up my own clean explicative!

    2. Making up your own clean explicative reminds me of a darling teenage kidlet I knew years ago who was so adorably proud of his "cussing" system. Raised in a large and loving Christian family with 4 boys, he decided that when he was just a little upset, he could say "Baby Bear!" If more upset, he would bust out with "Mama Bear!!" And if REALLY ticked off, he would holler "Papa Bear!!!" He was so cute. :-)

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the frozen falls picture!


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