Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Musings: My Head Noise Edition

Proudly, I… …didn’t watch the Grammys.  Not much there for me, at all!   But since I do live in this world, I couldn’t help but catch clips and comments.   I do not understand the fascination with Beyonce, (even less so with Jay Z), and I think I was subjected to more of her butt on that clip (that I can’t unsee) than I was of Miley’s. (shudder)  

Nothing to say… …to certain people while they ramble.  Usually, I just smile and nod.  Sometimes, I’m not able to pull off a smile or a nod, so I just shade my head in disbelief.   To the rambler, it all looks the same.

Explanation to… …a dear lady, not understanding the workings of email, Facebook, and the internet in general, asked me if an email conversation could be viewed by anyone on the internet.   I have to tell her, “No, it’s just between the folks emailing each other…and the government.”  

I’d like to complain… …about these repeated cold snaps; but instead, I believe I will give thanks that it’s not any worse than it is, and say a prayer for those above us.   (Didn’t I have this same thought just last week?)  

Sarcastic thing I didn’t say… …to the student who decided she’d just keep her hands germy instead of using hand sanitizer (when a sink and soap wasn’t readily available) because she didn’t want “little dead germ carcasses” on her hands:  “Not only are you redundant, but I can see why you think ‘dead carcass’ germs are worse than live flu germs.”

Other things I didn’t say this week...well, not within earshot, anyway:
  • Put a coat on that baby!  Don’t you feel that cold wind?!
  • Visit with your friends later…right now, the light is green!  Go, go, GO!
  • Get off the phone and drive!
  • Quit texting and drive!
  • Aaargggg!!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Two Cent Tuesday

Just my two cents worth.
You may want change.

I know you are chomping at the bit, Treasured Reader, to know how I’m doing on my New Year’sDecisions!  What?  You don’t remember my More or Less list?  (Lucky for you I’ve linked it HERE!)  In answer to the question I know you are on the edge of your seat for…I’ve done opposite.   Yes…all the “mores” are “lesses,” and all the “lesses” have stayed about the same…or they are “mores.”

…Except for sugar.   I’ve done well to stay away from that nasty little addiction, and I’m dropping a few pounds.   Thanks to Deb’s posting of an article HERE, I was able to figure out a few of my whiney whys (“Why, oh why, can’t I get started again?”) and get back on the right track.   If you think I’m giving myself credit here, I assure you I know from whence my Help comes.   It was no accident Deb posted it when she did, and I thank her and God.

Hopefully, my “two cents worth” today won’t leave you wanting change.   Speaking of change, am I the only one who has a tough time with it?   “Change” often takes a lot of effort.  “No change” is the path of least resistance, and the path most taken by me, and I suspect the path chosen by many of God’s children.

People often call all everyone “God’s children.”   That’s not so.   All humans are God’s creation; those who are born again through Christ are God’s children.   And too many of His children don’t have a clue exactly who they are, and that we really can trust Him.  I know I don’t have a full grip on it.  Wish I did.

This cold is driving me mad.  I don’t even own a coat made for degrees Fahrenheit like this!  I dress in layers and slap some gloves on.  If I weren’t so prideful, I’d wear those furry suede boots my sister gave me, because they sure are warm.   Thing is, the kids here on campus are wearing them, not sure what they’d think about a grandmother stealing their style.  I could sure use them this morning, I can’t feel my toes. 

It’s time for me to get to work.  Stay warm!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Monday Musings: The Disturbing Edition

Disturbing: dis·turb·ing  [dih-stur-bing] adjective
upsetting or disquieting; dismaying

Dear Obama
It's very disturbing that you lied to America.  Repeatedly and frequently...and have not shown one ounce of remorse.  It should be disturbing to you that people are beginning to refer to your your administration as Barakistan.

Dear Duped America:
You are a group that is growing smaller every day.  But it's disturbing that you still support an administration that consistently tosses out detrimental decisions for this great nation.  Put your faith in God, not in a man who is lying to you.  

Dear Cousin:
It’s a little disturbing that you believe that God created the heavens and the earth…over a stretch of millions of years.  When Genesis 1:1 said “In the beginning God created…” that is exactly what it means, he created; it was done.   In Isaiah 51, He reminds us again that “He stretched out the Heavens and laid the foundations of the earth.”  In Isaiah 48, God, Himself, tells us “My right hand has stretched out the heavens; and when I call to them, they stand up together.”  With that power, it would not take millions of years, and millions of years would be evolution, not creation.

Dear Driver:
It’s oddly disturbing how mad you make me when you hold up a long line of traffic to make an illegal turn.  Don’t.   Just don’t.   And quit texting!   
Dear Black Grapes:
It disturbs me that you taste so good, but make my teeth so sensitive.   You almost aren’t worth it!

Dear Winter:
It is coldly disturbing that you can’t seem to keep your temperature above 40°.  And these night time temps that are below 10°?   The south not liking this!   I am putting in my request now for 60’s and sunny on my birthday weekend coming up in February. 
This is not what we are getting this year.  This was a
rare snow we got a few years was beautiful,
didn't last long, and didn't shut down the entire town.
Just the way we like it.

Dear Upcoming Birthday:
You really aren’t disturbing me.   You thought you would, didn’t you?
Dear Upcoming Birthday:
You really aren’t disturbing me.   You thought you would, didn’t you?

Dear God:
I ask for mercy for America and the disturbing mess we are in; please forgive us and put us on a Godly path, with righteous men and women candidates for our next two elections who will be placed in the positions now held by the ungodly.  And all winter jokes aside, please have mercy on those who are dealing with dangerously cold and treacherous wintry weather conditions.    

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Musings

Dear Dennis Rodman:
Are you nuts?   Oh, wait.  That’s like asking a goldfish, “Are you wet?”  Obviously you are.  Why don’t you put that ding-dang basketball in your mouth and shhhh.

Dear Melissa Harris-Perry:
I am embarrassed for you because you don’t have the good sense to be embarrassed for yourself.

Dear WalMart:
I don’t understand why you need two Super WalMarts and one Walmart Hometown Market in a town this size.  Greed personified…or store-sonified, as it were.

Dear Sam’s Sports Grille:
You brought me food with a hair in it, and made me wait until everyone else in the party of 20 was almost finished eating before you brought me a replacement.  Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like maybe you should have given a little bit of a discount.   Your service just ain't what it used to be...and you have only been in the Shoals a short time.

Dear Old, Large Oak Trees on UNA Campus:
Don’t drop a limb…they’ll cut you completely down!

Dear America:
You are as mixed up about right and wrong as Sodom and Gomorrah was.  Remember, that didn’t turn out too well for Sodom and Gomorrah.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Musings: The Blue Monday Edition

Today is Blue Monday.  Factors such as Christmas debt, the weather, the realization that resolutions have already been broken, and of course, the normal “I hate Monday” attitude, has caused this day to be dubbed the most depressing day of the year.

It is Monday (I don’t hate Mondays), I did spend too much for Christmas, and I have undecided every decision I made last Thursday  But I’m not depressed.   I am musing; however, and I’ve come up with some food for thought.

While I am not negating the strong physical chains of addiction, I have come to realize that our failure to overcome is spiritual, not physical.   After all, Christ Jesus paid the price on the cross for our freedom.   This most simple road to freedom is only complex because I keep forgetting that the battle is won by Someone else, and I must not, indeed CANNOT, rely on my own strength, only His.  I keep saying that, but that is what I repeatedly try to do.   My strength?   Zero.  I’m exhaustingly weak.
Addiction is a dreadful thing.  It will beat you until you can’t stand up, and it will kick you when you’re down.   I watched this video this weekend, and while it is not about addiction, I think if you’ll invest six minutes of your life to watch it, you will see why I feel it goes along with what I am saying in this post.  I promise it will be a well invested six minutes. 

The preacher told a story in church yesterday about a dad arriving home to see his three young boys playing in the front yard, each of them with a baby skunk.   The father jumped out of his car and yelled “Run, boys, RUN!!”   They each picked up their skunk and ran as fast as they could.

I need to learn to run to Jesus, to leave the problems behind, and any problem that follows me, I need to place at the feet of Jesus and leave it there.   Pride will disguise itself as truth and convince me that indeed I need to do something in my own power to shed this food addiction, but the truth is the only time I’ve ever felt this was easy was when I was giving Him all the credit and being obedient to the one thing God repeatedly told me:   Get rid of the sugar.   Instead of relying on my own power to do that, I need remember where my Help really is.  
John Stallings penned a perfect song for what I am now trying to absorb, Learning to Lean.   Here are a few of the lyrics, and a video, just in case you’re interested.
All He asks is a childlike trust
And a heart that is learning to lean
Learning to lean, learning to lean,
I’m learning to lean on Jesus
Finding more power that I’ve ever dreamed
Since I’m learning to lean on Jesus.

Because I really don't know how to fully rely on Him, I'm going to be writing more about traveling the "Leaning Road" in the next few weeks.  I have a lot to learn...hopefully, I'll have a lot to share.  

I have posted this several times before...
Today felt like a good day to post again:

When you get to the end of your rope,
Here are the Knots to hang on to:

We are hard-pressed on every side, yet Knot crushed;
We are perplexed, but Knot in despair;
Persecuted, but Knot forsaken;
Struck down, but Knot destroyed
—II Corinthians 4:8-9

Have a great week!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Musings: The More or Less Edition

Have New Year’s resolutions ever worked for you?   My normal “resolve” is to not make any. 

However, I did make a goal In November, 2012, to make a real effort to read my Bible every day, even if it was just a few verses.  I did very well with that goal…I think I missed 3 or 4 days in 2013.  This year…I will continue to do that, only I will endeavor to spend more time memorizing.

I’m tired of myself.   Really. Worn. Out.  I learned a lot last year…the most important thing I learned is that pride (thinking *I* am really doing something on my own strength) is perilous to my success, disobedience is dangerous, and sugar is hazardous to my health.   Somewhere along the line last year, I thought I could do my own thing, and I am now painfully aware that I cannot do that and find peace, happiness or victory.  

So…I have decided, more or less, that I need to make some decisions, and resolve to stick by the decisions that I make.   So, in 2014, I will endeavor to spend…

More time trusting, less time worrying
More time memorizing scripture, less time daydreaming

More time being thankful, less time complaining
More time praying, less time gossiping

More time doing, less time procrastinating
More time writing, less time (online) gaming

More time reading, less time surfing the 'net
More time chewing, less time swallowing

More time relying on God, less time looking to my own strength
Most of all…I need to get this deep in my heart/soul/mind:
More of Him, less of me.

I will remember “one day at a time.”   And I will immediately contradict that by saying 'no sugar' for the (almost) whole month of January…starting today, because I did, indeed, have sugar yesterday.  In February, my plan is for sugar to be a non-issue.

PS:  Did you notice that "write more?"  Yeah.   And maybe I'll even write more in my blog!  

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