Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Musings: My Head Noise Edition

Proudly, I… …didn’t watch the Grammys.  Not much there for me, at all!   But since I do live in this world, I couldn’t help but catch clips and comments.   I do not understand the fascination with Beyonce, (even less so with Jay Z), and I think I was subjected to more of her butt on that clip (that I can’t unsee) than I was of Miley’s. (shudder)  

Nothing to say… …to certain people while they ramble.  Usually, I just smile and nod.  Sometimes, I’m not able to pull off a smile or a nod, so I just shade my head in disbelief.   To the rambler, it all looks the same.

Explanation to… …a dear lady, not understanding the workings of email, Facebook, and the internet in general, asked me if an email conversation could be viewed by anyone on the internet.   I have to tell her, “No, it’s just between the folks emailing each other…and the government.”  

I’d like to complain… …about these repeated cold snaps; but instead, I believe I will give thanks that it’s not any worse than it is, and say a prayer for those above us.   (Didn’t I have this same thought just last week?)  

Sarcastic thing I didn’t say… …to the student who decided she’d just keep her hands germy instead of using hand sanitizer (when a sink and soap wasn’t readily available) because she didn’t want “little dead germ carcasses” on her hands:  “Not only are you redundant, but I can see why you think ‘dead carcass’ germs are worse than live flu germs.”

Other things I didn’t say this week...well, not within earshot, anyway:
  • Put a coat on that baby!  Don’t you feel that cold wind?!
  • Visit with your friends later…right now, the light is green!  Go, go, GO!
  • Get off the phone and drive!
  • Quit texting and drive!
  • Aaargggg!!!


  1. I don't know, Margaret... It seems to me that LIVE germ carcasses are the scariest of all. :O



  2. Seems to me a lot of people in your town must text and drive and talk on their cell phone and drive :) (same here)

    My mom would always have a "fit" if she saw a baby out in cool weather without a hat on and God forbid if they were barefoot at any time of the year, LOL :) But I have to agree, if it is cold, wrap that baby up!


  3. I lost you on here. Please continue to pray for my friend. It still looks very bleak.


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