Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Musings: The More or Less Edition

Have New Year’s resolutions ever worked for you?   My normal “resolve” is to not make any. 

However, I did make a goal In November, 2012, to make a real effort to read my Bible every day, even if it was just a few verses.  I did very well with that goal…I think I missed 3 or 4 days in 2013.  This year…I will continue to do that, only I will endeavor to spend more time memorizing.

I’m tired of myself.   Really. Worn. Out.  I learned a lot last year…the most important thing I learned is that pride (thinking *I* am really doing something on my own strength) is perilous to my success, disobedience is dangerous, and sugar is hazardous to my health.   Somewhere along the line last year, I thought I could do my own thing, and I am now painfully aware that I cannot do that and find peace, happiness or victory.  

So…I have decided, more or less, that I need to make some decisions, and resolve to stick by the decisions that I make.   So, in 2014, I will endeavor to spend…

More time trusting, less time worrying
More time memorizing scripture, less time daydreaming

More time being thankful, less time complaining
More time praying, less time gossiping

More time doing, less time procrastinating
More time writing, less time (online) gaming

More time reading, less time surfing the 'net
More time chewing, less time swallowing

More time relying on God, less time looking to my own strength
Most of all…I need to get this deep in my heart/soul/mind:
More of Him, less of me.

I will remember “one day at a time.”   And I will immediately contradict that by saying 'no sugar' for the (almost) whole month of January…starting today, because I did, indeed, have sugar yesterday.  In February, my plan is for sugar to be a non-issue.

PS:  Did you notice that "write more?"  Yeah.   And maybe I'll even write more in my blog!  


  1. Some great decisions listed here. Interesting, I decided to spend more time memorizing Scripture this year, too. Thing is, I have a terrible time memorizing things. Just terrible. I KNOW the word, but telling it to you--well, it tends to be a paraphrase rather than a direct quote.

    I'm starting the year by trying to memorize Psalm 27.

    About the "doing it in your own strength" issue. Here's my problem: I don't know that I've switched over to my own strength until I look back on the wreckage. I need a warning bell or something. You know, like those beeps that happen when trucks back up. Yes. That would be a good thing, I think. snicker.

    Happy New Year to you, too!


    1. Oh yeah...I was thinking earlier that I don't even know exactly when I fell back into the pit, but I sure realized it after I'd been there a while. (I like the beeper idea.)

      I am hoping that the more I memorize, the better my brain will retain, because I, too, have a hard time remembering. I think I'll finishing memorizing Psalm 139...because I've only been working on it for a year! lolz

  2. I like the decisions you made; they seem like ones you can live with and find yourself at the end of 2014 better off, so to speak, especially if you get the word of God "hidden in your heart" through memorizing Scripture.

    Good for you for pretty much doing the goal of reading the Bible daily in 2013! That is awesome!

    Happy New Year to you too!


  3. I really related to much on your More or Less list.
    "More of Him, less of me"
    Just this morning I was listening to some old Gospel hymns. This one is particular touched me, as though the Lord was encouraging me to hold on, and Believe, because it didn't depend on me, but on Him:


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