Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Two Cent Tuesday

Just my two cents worth.
You may want change.

I know you are chomping at the bit, Treasured Reader, to know how I’m doing on my New Year’sDecisions!  What?  You don’t remember my More or Less list?  (Lucky for you I’ve linked it HERE!)  In answer to the question I know you are on the edge of your seat for…I’ve done opposite.   Yes…all the “mores” are “lesses,” and all the “lesses” have stayed about the same…or they are “mores.”

…Except for sugar.   I’ve done well to stay away from that nasty little addiction, and I’m dropping a few pounds.   Thanks to Deb’s posting of an article HERE, I was able to figure out a few of my whiney whys (“Why, oh why, can’t I get started again?”) and get back on the right track.   If you think I’m giving myself credit here, I assure you I know from whence my Help comes.   It was no accident Deb posted it when she did, and I thank her and God.

Hopefully, my “two cents worth” today won’t leave you wanting change.   Speaking of change, am I the only one who has a tough time with it?   “Change” often takes a lot of effort.  “No change” is the path of least resistance, and the path most taken by me, and I suspect the path chosen by many of God’s children.

People often call all everyone “God’s children.”   That’s not so.   All humans are God’s creation; those who are born again through Christ are God’s children.   And too many of His children don’t have a clue exactly who they are, and that we really can trust Him.  I know I don’t have a full grip on it.  Wish I did.

This cold is driving me mad.  I don’t even own a coat made for degrees Fahrenheit like this!  I dress in layers and slap some gloves on.  If I weren’t so prideful, I’d wear those furry suede boots my sister gave me, because they sure are warm.   Thing is, the kids here on campus are wearing them, not sure what they’d think about a grandmother stealing their style.  I could sure use them this morning, I can’t feel my toes. 

It’s time for me to get to work.  Stay warm!


  1. Bill and I were in and out of the car all day today shopping for my mother. It was FIVE BELOW zero this morning. My nose kind of froze shut. :o

    I'm glad the article was helpful. It was helpful to me, too. I've done well avoiding sugar, although today I'm craving M&Ms badly, tho. It's from the shopping. One of my stops was a discount store whose motto is, "Good things cheap.." While they DO have good things cheap, the store is a chore. I don't' go often, but when I do, I always seem to pick up a giant bag of M&Ms on the way out as a reward for not harming anyone during the course of the shopping.

    On my way to the register, I passed the giant bin of giant bags of M&Ms. Oh, the agony....

    And did I mention that my nose froze shut? I'm pretty sure that's an indignation of M&M deficiency. Pretty sure....

    Hugs, Girlfriend.


  2. I agree with Gina, wear the boots. Anything to keep warm in the cold you guys are getting. I have trouble with change too, yet its when we are going through periods of change that we tend to grow the most!



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