Friday, February 7, 2014

Flashback Friday

Remember that bad mood I mentioned?  I still have it.   If you read this whole post, you may end up in a bad mood, too.   Be forewarned. 

UNA snow...a few years ago
Rememberwhen I mentioned losing my custom domain name?  It’s still causing me issues, and I still hate Google.   Now, I find out that all my links to other pages in my blog are broken.   I fix them as I find them, but I link back to prior posts a lot.   And I find that everyone “following” me before the Google-debacle no longer gets notification that I’ve posted.   For those who signed up for email updates before…I don’t know if they still get those updates.   At this point, I’m doubting it.  I am seriously thinking of changing to WordPress. 

UNA was an unexpected big one
Remember that low carb new lifestyle I embarked upon?   Yeah.  That is mostly a memory these days. 

Remember mytorn fingernail I mentioned yesterday?   This morning, I smashed my pinky while putting wood in the fireplace.  You’d be surprised to know how much one uses a pinky while typing.   It’s painfully noticeable to me today.
Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains (I caught
that bird just one second before he flew away.)
I hope that America makes some smarter choices on the next two elections.   VP Biden can’t think of “any obvious reason to not run for president.”  Really, he said that.   Then again, we do have to consider the chosen leaders that keep getting elected…no wonder he can’t think of any good reason.   America is in a mess, and deception abounds.  Thrives.  Flourishes. Proliferates.  Pontificates lies and distortions of truth.   I find it astounding (and disturbing) that Christians voted for the current administration.  Twice. 

The heaviness of the paragraph above lends to my bad mood.  Every news source is just more of the same sensationalized stories, and there is rarely any good news reported, even on Christian news sites.  I am so thankful that I know Jesus, because if I didn’t and had to live in this world, I believe I would be overwhelmed with the confusion and disorder.   I will spare you any further political rant in this post…but you know I will touch on it again.  Too many Christians are silent about what is happening in America, and mistakenly believe that God and government do not need to mix.

If you ever doubt America is drowning in deception, just read the comments on any online news source. 
My backyard...snow from a years ago
My final Friday Flashback…a previous post from 2011

Shutting out current events and closing my eyes, I go back to being a carefree little girl with flowing brown hair and cat-eyed glasses.   I remember how pleased I was for a nickel reward, which meant five pieces of bubble gum, which would promptly all go into my mouth.   The biggest bubbles could only be blown with a mouthful of gum!   A nickel would also buy a six ounce Coke if you went to Underwood Elementary.  Five cents would buy at least five pieces of candy, or a little box that held even more.  My shielded world consisted of family, church, school, and my little circle of friends.  

This morning, I long for a simpler day…

…back to the time where the biggest problem I had was not being able to find my glasses.   (To this day, certain relatives won’t let me live one particular incident down, when I put them in my grandfather’s denture container…which truly grosses me out now...and all my cousins were enlisted to help find them.  No one did until Grandpa took his teeth out that night.)   In those days, spending the night with Lisa or Tammy was all the entertainment I needed, and entertained I was.  There was no need for Wii, Nintendo, or DX games.   We had Monopoly, Parcheesi, Chinese Checkers and Barbie.  Before cell phones took parents away from small children, I could talk to my mom in the car, and she talked back to me.   It breaks my heart to see so many parents ignoring their children as they do everything with a phone stuck to their ear. 

Oh, how I long for a simpler day…a nickel day…when life was less hectic, less demanding; quieter in my little world. 

I hope your day is a Nickel Day…

My backyard


  1. Speaking of America going to hell in a handbasket...

    My 9 year old granddaughter came home the other day with the monthly flyer from their Scholastic Readers' Club. It has a book of the month and other books listed for the children to buy. The book of the month? SPIRIT ANIMALS. It is about "summoning" spirits of a panda bear, lion, etc wo they can GUIDE the children in a fight against evil.

    Yeah. As you may suppose, there are no books the Good Shepherd... Just spirit animals. It's a series, by the way. Book 2 has a promo that goes something like: It's a wonderful thing to be able to summon Spirit Animals, but what happens when someone summons them for selfish reasons?

    Okay, then. Let's have the children play with the demonic while telling them they are fighting evil and eschewing selfishness.

    I travel in mostly Christian circles since I am no longer in the work force. I am continually brought up short by the evidence of how far our country, our colturer, has strayed from God.

    Counting down the days...


  2. I'm glad you mentioned that about your followers not getting updates when you post, because I hadn't gotten updates, I just knew you posted something because of FB So now I joined this blog so I should be getting updates.

    I am concerned about America, I probably should be more concerned. A pastor at one of our former churches said he is concerned about things happening here, but he knows that God's kingdom is going to keep advancing, even while the world's kingdom run by the enemy will continue to advance, but ultimately we all know who wins.

    Ouch with your pinkie; good thing the weekend is here so you can rest it.

    I am in a particularly wonderful "thank you Lord" mood at the present time. To be cryptic, but I think you'll get it, a certain worry that I was concerned about with two people getting back together again probably won't be happening soon (if ever). I saw a FB update about a certain young lady who is in a new relationship and it doesn't involve a certain young man; for that I'm thankful.



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