Saturday, February 8, 2014

Six Word Saturday

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  1. Where's your snow? I have it We've had 50 inches so far this winter. Our average for this time of year wouold be 24.

    Tho, right now we have ice. Lots of ice. Everywhere. I actually considered crawling from the car to the house yesterday. I did. Bill fell. Kenna fell. I slipped, but didn't fall.

    I'm hoping that the snow that's supposed to come tonight..and tomorrow...and the next day COVERS that ice. It's dangerous.

    It's pretty here, tho.


  2. Less snow than usual here, too, though I can live with that. And it would be nice to have some consistently double-digit temps for a change.

  3. Well, we haven't got it either. Autumn scenery in the Netherlands.

  4. I'd be happy for you to have it. It leaves me cold :)

  5. You can have some of our snow, in fact you can have it all!

  6. Your snow is piled up in parking lots and drifting all over my yard. ;)

  7. I've seen snow once in my lifetime and that was as a teenager when I visited the US, can't imagine it being a part of every winter - do you normally get snow where you are?


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