Thursday, February 13, 2014


My Back Yard

Ole boy and I often eat our dinner in a restaurant.  Last Friday night, we hit the Chinese buffet.  (Obviously, I’m not low-carbing it lately…and my MayPop jeans are showing it!  They may pop anytime!)   I didn’t eat as much as I usually do, and the half-eaten egg roll and left over few pieces of shrimp went into a sandwich bag I happened to have for Mr. Gibbs and Roscoe.  I should have realized something was up when the manager (owner?) came over to my table to ask, in his heavily accented English, if everything was OK, and if I needed a “to go” box.   They had never done that before.  

When we got up to pay, Ole Boy went to the register and I stood near the door, but I noticed that same manager-person gesturing my way.   I walked over to see what was going on.  Ole Boy was having a hard time understanding him, but I caught that he was going to charge extra for my meal.  Neither of us could figure out what he was talking about (especially since I ate less that I normally do, and I was not the biggest person in the place!).  I finally figured out it was because I’d put those few left-overs in my “doggie bag.”   I pulled it out to show him it was just a few half eaten morsels.   He then calmed down and didn’t charge extra.  But I was really embarrassed...there's no telling what the other customer's were thinking about the commotion.  Probably won’t go there again for a good long while…which will be a handy tool for staying low carb.  Ole Boy and I have had a few giggles about it...I just hope no one thought I was trying to steal food.
Ole boy and I were discussing what to do for my upcoming birthday weekend.   “After all,” he said, “how many times do you turn 50?”    “That depends,” I said, “on how many times I lie about it.”   (I think I might possibly lie about my age if it wasn't a sin.)   I haven’t seriously lied about my age in a good many years…though having to say "I’m 50" might tempt me a little.  Maybe I will just cast looks of great disdain to anyone who would dare to ask my age.      
I am disappointed in my lack of snow.   I often say that if the weather man calls for it, we don’t get it; if they say “no accumulation,” that’s when we get it.   Case in point, the last few days:   Monday night they said “little or nothing” and we got nearly two inches (certainly enough to close the schools and half the town).   Last night and today they said 3 to 5 inches…we’ve barely got a wet dusting.   I remember one instance when snow wasn’t even mentioned in the forecast.  I was on my way to work and it was snowing the biggest flakes…so pretty!  And it snowed a good five inches that day. 

These are shots from other years, because 
there not much to photograph around here today.

The (frozen) Rock Pile...TVA Reservation

Winter Wonderland somewhere in Southern Tennessee



  1. and yet...just a few miles east of you....we did get about 4"!! :) old are ya going to be??? hehehe

    1. :::casting a look of great disdain your way!::::

  2. I hope however you spend your time celebrating your 50th, it will be a grand one! All beautiful past pictures from snow and ice. Its almost a shame to talk about how wonderful our weather has been when so much of the country has had a rough winter.

    Happy early birthday!


    1. I hope so, too, Betty. With as much trouble as people are having with now and ice, I feel a little guilty for wanting some snow here. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Not long now!

  3. I'm watching the noon news now. Per the weather man, our county got less than half an inch of snow. He is quite adamant about it, as a matter of fact, repeating that number several times.

    Out on my deck, here in Washington County? At 7a.m., we had an inch of snow. Now? We have 3 inches and the snow is still coming down. So much for "accu-weather."

    Thanks for your note on my blog, Margaret. Tough day, today.


    Okay, then.

    1. I guess weather is just an educated guess on most days.

  4. We received about 1.5 inches last night BUT the rain came behind and washed it away. I was hoping for at least a delay in school...didnt happen.

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Yeah, Becky, we got a good beautiful two inches Tuesday morning, and it melted off before I got to take any pics. It was here, then it was just gone! Thanks for the birthday's next week. argh!!!


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