Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday's Thoughts

:::Yawn:::  I love my dogs…but.   
(Not to be confused with loving my dog's butt.

Two nights ago, Roscoe (aka Rocco) kept waking me up whining because he wanted treats.   Spoiled!   He did get one, but apparently he wanted to pull a Margaret and binge.   He wasn’t allowed the opportunity; hence the whining.   Last night, I stepped outside around 3 a.m. to get another log for the fire, and both Rocco and Mr. Gibbs followed me out.   They immediately spied some intruder (neighborhood dog, I suspect) and before long, the whole neighborhood was awake.  Except Ole Boy…because he can sleep through an earthquake that happens after the tornado that he also slept through.

After I finally got the dogs back in the house, I said something to Ole Boy that wasn't very nice, because I thought he was still in bed after all the commotion.  Imagine my surprise when he answered...he had finally decided to wake up.

This long, cold winter is wearing me out. :::shiverMeTimbers::: And my dry skin!  I need spring!  

I’ve had a case of the mully-grubs lately.  I’m not sure if it’s the cold or my upcoming birthday.   I really thought I wasn’t going to have any issues with turning 50…after all, I am actually admitting my age this year.  But I did have a moment of panic when the work email went out that we would be having my “Big O” party this month.  That was the first time I’d felt a little angst.  Then Ole Boy mentioned something about “no longer being in my forties.”  Yeah, that didn't help.  Then I tripped going down the stairs at work and broke a fingernail when I caught myself on the railing...which really isn't a big deal, especially when you consider that I didn't fall down the stairs...but it made me tear up anyway.   That's when I decided to place blame on my birthday.  Ding Dang 50's.

So when I noticed that I was irritable and whiny (ok, more irritable and whiny than usual) I consoled myself by formulating some snarky blog posts in my head that included things like: 

Dear Lady:
You are too old to wear a skirt that short.  And it’s way-yonder too cold for that!

Dear Person:
You must be talking in circles, or I am hearing in squares, because that just sounds stupid.

Dear Other Person:
Please shut up.  I feel assaulted.

You get the idea.  And some of the things I wanted to say weren't nice at all…you know, like the nice things I said above. 

So, yeah.  My birthday.  This cold weather.   My normal attitude.   Probably not a good combination.   I should doodle more and think less.   Here’s a doodle I did some months ago.  I was surfing the net looking at other people’s doodles, and came across several that looked like this…so I did one for myself.     

If I could figure out Picasa, I would have cropped and framed it...
it's in a bound graph-paper book, so it was a little difficult to scan.

Have a great day!


  1. ...and I'd just like to say that "broken fingernail" was actually a rip into the nail bed. It hurt so bad, I forgot about my headache for at least an hour.

  2. OUCH!! to the fingernail. :O

    As far as age goes...Yeah. hear ya. Last month I turned 62. It's every bit as bad as it sounds and y face looks OLD and SAGGY. hmph. And to think that when my face looked wrinkly after I lost weight that I gained it back in despair----now it looks worse AND I'm fat. Something unfair about that. If I do lose weight, I'm getting a face lift. I am. I've always lookd younger than my age. No more. Even tho my hair color has held, my face has definitely lost the battle. blech.

    And winter? Ohhhh, do I ever hear you oon that. Sunday morning we came home from church to see bits of our deck floor peeking thru the snow due to a heat wave of 50 degrees--which was the first time we were above freezing--freezing, I tell you--in two weeks. Monday morning? There was 8 inches of snow on said deck. We now have a thick layer of ice. Ice. arrrrgh.

    We're expecting another 4 inches of snow Saturday/Sunday.

    Come on spring!


  3. love love love the doodle....and turning 50 isn't so bad...i should know. lol love you soon to be birthday girl!!!

  4. Wow your doodle is great! What a fiasco with the dogs! Nothing better than a barking dog at 3 a.m. (been there, LOL).

    Turning 40 got me more than turning 50; 40 was when people started calling me "ma"am". Thing is I feel younger at 56 than I did at 40, go figure.

    hurry spring! I know a lot of people are anxiously hoping spring to arrive soon!



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