Friday, March 28, 2014


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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Thoughts

I've had a lot of jobs in my life time...more than my fair share.   Here are ten things I have learned...not necessarily the top ten.  They are in no particular order.

  • The ones making the most money are not always the most knowledgeable or the hardest working folks in the group. 
  • There seems to always be “one” in every group who keeps getting all the breaks/raises/pats on the back, even though everyone (except the one handing out the rewards) knows they don’t deserve it.
  • There will always be one person who drives you crazy.  Hopefully, that person won’t be the boss. 
  • There will always be change.   Often, the changes will get changed before the change takes place.
  • The sign of a good manager is when your staff respects and likes you.   It’s an added bonus when your coworkers like you, as well. 
  • Respect is never given when it’s demanded.  What you have in that situation is pretense and bad attitudes.  Respect is earned.
  • It often takes more than just being the “most qualified” to get a job.  A really smooth interview or an immediate connection with the prospective employer often outweigh good qualifications.  Then there’s who you know…
  • If you have a job, be thankful…even if you don’t like it or are treated unfairly.  There are many people who would love to have your job and not have to worry about making the house payment or feeding the kids.
  • When in the presence of the Office Gossip, keep your eyes and ears open, but your mouth shut.  You are standing in muck, after all.  
  • None of us are indispensable.  

Have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Son of God

I went to see Son of God last night.   I was a little disturbed.

When Roma Downey and friends put together the Bible TV series, I watched the first hour and saw so many inaccuracies that I didn’t watch the whole series.   It is a shame when a group has a platform to reach the world for Christ and chooses to omit/alter what the Bible clearly states.  I don’t think even the timeline of the Bible should be changed, much less a storyline.   Leaving out pertinent details is just as wrong.   If I didn’t already know Christ, I believe I would have left the theater in confusion as to why He was crucified on the Cross.   Above all, the reason Jesus came to die on the cross should have been clearly covered.   There was no explanation of the gift given to us on Calvary’s Hill, nor how His shed blood saved us.  Other than Jesus placing a quick kiss on the cross as he carried it and a quote of John 3:16, salvation was largely ignored.

I know some people have been awe-inspired by this movie, but sadly, it is a watered down imitation of God’s truth.   I’m not saying the movie was a colossal waste of time and had no truth in it (there were definitely tears shed).  But I am saying that you cannot blatantly change a Bible account and call it truth.   What Jesus did when He walked on this earth should be told exactly how it happened.   His actions were according to God’s plan and need no tweaking or modification. 

There are a few more movies coming out in the next month or two I’d like to see:   “God’s Not Dead” and “Heaven Is For Real.”   I think I’ll pass on “Noah,” I think it may be too Hollywood for me to thoroughly enjoy.   It’s not like these people are changing a book of fiction…they are attempting to alter the Word of God!   

A case like this is just one more reason to study your Bible.   Memorize what’s in those pages…get the Word into your heart and soul so that you are full of the Truth, and you will immediately recognize a counterfeit story when it crosses your path.

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