Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Musings

Great Smoky Mountains Scenery (Circa 2006) ...Have I ever mentioned how I love that place?

It’s Monday. Monday is the day each week when fat folks give thought to starting a diet. Sometimes it’s only a thought, other times, there is some success, albeit that success is often limited. I thought about it this morning. I haven’t acted on it one way or the other. I vacillate between “I ain’t never doing that again!” and “Maybe I should…”

Something I wish I’d known years ago: If a chronic dieter had lost only 2 pounds per month, every month for the last five years (you know, those five years we spent alternating between binges and diets, losses and gain, tears and celebration) she would have lost 120 pounds. Anyone can lose 2 pounds a month…without extreme dieting or extreme exercise! Or…a five pound loss per month for two years? Yep, 120 pounds!

I’m looking around for my passion. I haven’t seen it in so many years I am not sure I ever had it. The novels I’m going to write are still in my head, and I am certain there are more than one!

I have been batting around an idea for the 2016 A to Z Challenge. I am thinking of writing that unwritten novel (well…it would be more like excerpts of it, but serial short stories.) What do you think? Good idea or lamebrain? Maybe if I began actually writing it, I would gain passion for it.

I did agree to do a series on Esther for the Ladies Group at my Mom’s church in January. Maybe I’ll develop a passion for teaching. Then again, maybe they’ll never ask me to teach again. We’ll see. I love the story of Esther. It has all the necessary elements for a fine novel, and it is a true story!

I am looking for a good app to aid in memorizing scripture. Do you use or know of one?   I have trouble remembering my age at time...that might not be so much of an exaggeration.

Have a good week, y’all.

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  1. I don't know of an app for scripture, though I'm sure there's got to be one out there. I like your idea for next A/Z, but include a picture or two too :) Because your pictures are great ones!



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