Monday, December 14, 2015

Merry Musings...the Questions and Answers Edition

Forgiving…or not:
Did you ever meet anyone who reminded you so much of someone who caused you pain/trouble in the past that you couldn’t like the new person? Yeah, me either. But there is a chick I see weekly who reminds me of a girl who, long ago, did a friend of mine and me pretty dirty. Unforgiveness sneaks up on me like that, just when I think I will never think of things connected with that person again, there she is!

Who am I voting for in the next presidential election? It’s too early to tell. I know I won’t vote for Trump in a primary, but if he’s the one running against Clinton or Sanders, I’ll vote for him. Cruz and Rubio are shaping up pretty nicely. One of the deciding factors for me will be who will stand up strongest against this “politically correctness” mess that has overtaken our great country and potentially putting us in danger. Yes, we’re still great, but we are quickly losing ground.

Fun and Games:
Why did I decline your Words with Friends game request? Well, that would be because when you can’t “chat” in complete sentences, no punctuation, and various misspelled words, yet you consistently come up with words I’ve never heard of…on triple spaces, no less…I think you’re supplementing your word capabilities with outside programs. Don’t insult my own limited intelligence with a denial. Of course, you didn’t really deny it when asked; however, you also didn’t admit to it. Let it be noted I still won.  Every time.

When the Holidays are over:
Does anyone still make New Year’s Resolutions? I never really did that much anyway, but I don’t hear as much about it as I used to.   I normally hope things go better than they did the year before. This year is no exception. There is hope…at least for a day or two.

Merry Christmas:
How’s that Christmas shopping going? I’m pretty near done. I’ve struggled with the whole “Christmas” concept this year, even more than in years past. The whole season seems a lot less about Christ and a lot more about money and being politically correct. There was a point in my shopping that I stood looking at cute Santas and reindeer, lights and glittery decorations while thinking, “Celebrating Christ should be daily, and I can’t see Christ in Christmas much at all.” Not that I’m thinking of saying Happy Holidays or not remembering Baby Jesus, but if I am to have a New Year’s Resolution, I will endeavor to be kinder, help more when I can, judge less, and let it be a way of life more than for one season each year. Like I said…for a day or two. There is hope I may be kinder next year. Who knows?

I hope your Christmas is merry 
and your New Year all you dreamed it would be.

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