Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016: The Year of Action...

2016 – The Year of the Verb! 

Instead of dreaming about it, I’m going to do it. 

At my ripe old age, it’s time to:
  • Stop living in a fantasy world and actually write the book.
  • Stop obsessing about losing weight…what/when/how I’m eating…and focus on something useful. After all these years, I realize that nothing I have tried (repeatedly) has worked, so why go back there?
  • Start doing. Just do it! Help others. Give more. Be nicer. Replace negative thoughts/words with positivity. Teach the class I’ve been asked to teach. Read more. Study more. Learn! Write! 
  • Refocus. If I keep dwelling on myself, I’ll only have myself to count on, then blame for the failure. Instead, I’ll focus more on the author and finisher of my faith.
…let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith…(Hebrews 12:1-2)

If you’re interested in where I am with weight loss gain, here’s the truth: I’ve regained almost all of the weight I lost. I don’t like it, but if I spend my energy beating myself up, I won’t have any energy left. My energy will be better served in living the best I can in The Year of the Verb.

But I do have goals concerning my health. For January, no restaurants, which is a really big deal for me, considering the greater majority of my meals are in restaurants, fast food in my car, and lunch from the food court at work. I have a feeling I’m going to save some money!

In addition, (again for January) no overt sugar because I do so much better without sugar.  I just cannot go back to the obsession of every calorie/fat gram/carb…every morsel…that goes into my mouth. It has never been a long-term success, and trading one obsession for another isn’t anywhere near what I want in life.

Hopefully, after a January with no sugar, come February, sugar won’t be as big of an issue.  I just refuse to obsess over weight issues any more.

Exercise? I hate exercise! I only plan to live more, love more, move more. Use the stairs, go more when invited…and stretching. I really need to stretch this poor sore, stiff body! Open doors for others, take carts back to corrals for others (instead of watching them through judgmental eyes for them parking the cart wherever they see fit). When I see a need, it’s my job to help however I can.

(I am making a commitment to read the Bible through this year.)

So that’s it. The way to achieve real change is to put God first instead of me. It won’t happen overnight. It may take a life time of working on it, but I’d much rather spend a life time of seeking Him than concentrating on change that I can’t achieve. He can help me when I can’t help myself, so I need to move over and let Him. My part is to help others.  Really, that is my part, my job as a Christian.

I hope your 2016 is happy and healthy.
I wish for you joy and peace, 
and success in all of your endeavors. 


  1. I like your action verb and ways you are going to achieve it. For the past few years I haven't really thought too much about reducing my weight and what I actually discovered was while I didn't lose any, I didn't gain any either, which you know as we age how our metabolism can slow down. I pretty much enjoy what I want to eat but also realize there are limits in how much of it I can eat. It seems to be working okay for the time being; who knows if one day I'll decide to take a few pounds off, but its no longer an obsession like in years past.

    My only advice about reading the Bible in a year's time is whatever plan you are doing, if you get bogged down and fall behind, don't give up reading. So maybe it will take you 13 months to get through it, but it is better to take longer than to stop reading. Right now I'm savoring the words read; meditating about some of them, like what does repent really mean? What did it mean back then? Etc. Or like when Jesus was born; how far did they have to go to Egypt when they had to escape (actually was more miles than I thought).

    I probably won't blog my word for the year, but I'm leaning towards Satisfied. I was reading in the gospels when the crowds were fed by Jesus and the Bible said they were satisfied. Made me really think am I satisfied with God? What does it mean to be satisfied just with him, not with what he provides etc. So I'm thinking on that and focusing on that for the year ahead.

    Happy New Year!


  2. Im sending many prayers and well wishes for your success in all areas of your life and positive outlook. I pray your positive thoughts, outlook and goals are contagious!!!!
    YOU CAN DO IT, NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!! Have a very blessed New Year 2016!!!!!
    God Bless You and Your family,

  3. Really enjoyed reading this post. It actually feels hopeful, more peaceful and has an emphasis towards LIVING instead that old eternal "weight" struggle focus. Boy, that sure is familiar, ha ha. I'm leaning this way, too, and it feels good.

    I just downloaded a book to my ipod, the complete reading of the Bible, in dramatized version! It sure has me hearing it in a fresh way. I want to go thru it all this year, too.

    I bought myself a Christmas present, the new book by Dick VanDyke. He just turned 90 (!) and is always being asked what his secret to longevity it. Along with a joyful disposition, his stock answer is: keep moving! And so he titled his book Keep Moving.

    So I'm adding "fidgetcize" to my list of verbs to do this year. :-D

    The Year of the Verb. I absolutely LOVE that.

  4. I love my "One Year Bible" each day I find some old, some new, some Psalms and some Proverbs. I'm trying to move more too but with my back in the shape it is (surgery scheduled for Jan 26th) some days are more difficult than others. Great post.


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