Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Morning Musings...The Dreaming Edition

Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains

I dream big.   Daydream, that is.    My night dreams get wild.   The other morning when I woke up, I realized I’d just been working on Donald Trump’s campaign.   Sometimes I am glad to wake up.

I don’t snore.   Ole Boy argues about that.   He snores, that’s for sure.  He says I don’t “snore bad,” but I do sometimes.   I decided to try one of those Breathe Right nasal strips while on vacation.   It’s hard to explain what happened that night, but I will try.  I was having an extremely intense dream, and while in my dreamstate (a word I just made up according to spellcheck) I knew I was dreaming, and was trying desperately to wake myself up.  I was thrashing about and moaning loudly in my dream, and according to Ole Boy, in reality, as well.

I didn’t put the nightmarish dream and the nasal strip together until sometime later when I tried the strip again at home…and the same thing happened.   I’ll just snore (but not bad), thank you very little, Breathe Right/Wrong.

My daydreams?  They are so vivid and detailed I don’t even know my own self in my day-dreamland.  I’ve written several books in my head from my fantasies, but since I am AADD and a procrastinator, the real book I have started only has around 5,000 words written.  I need around 45,000 more.   Go me!

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  1. That was interesting about the Breathe Right; I've used them before with a great reduction in snoring and no reactions. Curious what is in them that is causing you to experience what you did. I get evil dreams sometimes when I'm paralyzed with evil around me. I've been known to moan and scream in my dreams (nightmares) and have caused hubby to wake me up on several occasions. Interesting, my mom had the same type of dreams.



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